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Lost In Infinity: Review & Book of the Month

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Book: Lost in Infinity
Author: Travis Besecker

Lost in Infinity Travis Besecker

Lost in Infinity
Travis Besecker

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Déjà vu? It’s the feeling that something has already happened before.  Did I read that before? Lost in Infinity had me asking this question on more than one occasion.  Following the story of a troubled youth suffering insomnia and a fear of infinity seemed like plot enough, but the fact that my brain was toyed with and strung along through this story only thrust me in further.

What is infinity? Imagine floating through space, gazing into the wide span of darkness and tiny specs of light that create an abyss without beginning or end.  The mere thought causes a powerful reaction: racing heart, surge of electricity pulsating through veins, exasperated gulps of air.  It’s apeiraphobia, a fear of infinity, combine that with insomnia, a strange inner voice and The Shadow Man and a child can go stark raving mad.  Did this child go mad?

The story runs haphazardly between recollections, rantings, and current events causing the reader to shake his head and try to make sense out of it all.  Does this work? Stick with the story, stick with the facts no matter how often they are repeated, stick with the character despite the constant feeling of déjà vu to find the plot is not at all what was expected.

Lost in Infinity creates the ground work for one story but leads into the path of another.  It seems repetitive and redundant at points, but stay with the story to discover why these feelings of déjà vu are so important.  Definitely not a book for everyone, but for those who enjoy a good insanity based book and don’t mind a sadistic twist in plot, this is a must read.  Its Shutter Island meets One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and the author makes it work, leaving the reader to grasp at straws wanting to know if the cycle ever ends.  What cycle? Read the book!

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When the Siren Calls: book review

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Book: When the Siren Calls
Author: Tom Barry

When the Siren Calls Author: Tom Barry

When the Siren Calls
Author: Tom Barry

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A posh Tuscany setting at a swanky timeshare resort playground for the rich and famous is where Isobel has her sights set to take up a leisurely residence.  But spending time at the establishment isn’t all about the scenery; there is the matter of Jay Brookes, investment tycoon extraordinaire who saved Isobel from a scary situation in town.  There is a definite attraction in the air, but with both people married, this attraction becomes a sticky situation.  Couple that with Jay setting up an elaborate rouse to get Peter, Isobel’s husband, to become a major player in investing in the timeshare, and you’ve got one elaborate plot to not only take Peter’s money and run, but also to take his wife.

The story runs through an elaborate investment scheme, marital infidelity, and a brilliant double cross.  Will Isobel find love? Will Jay get his woman? Run through this brilliant story as it sets up deceit and affairs drenched in money and opportunity.

The set-up of the story is sometimes quite detailed, and runs through the thoughts and emotions of each character so quick it is sometimes difficult to keep up.  There are many characters, many names, and I was eventually forced to write down the names to keep track.  However, each character was distinct and the author was able to give each one a personal voice.  The language flowed well and setting was enough to whisk me off to a faraway place and get lost in the adventure and lies.  The world of high profile tycoons has become so much more fascinating after reading this book and we absolutely love the professional quality of this cover, which was what led us to pick up this book.

4/5 Stars

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Review: Progeneter by Steve Bareham

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Book: Progeneter I: Immortality the Quest

Author: Steve Bareham

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Gazing into the ruby, red, crystal eyes of an ancient crystal skull renders a man helpless to succumb to the powers of the entity.  There is a feeling of being lost in a haze, being lost in space, and being lost within one’s self.  The power is magnificent and can change a man just at the sight of it, but what else does it hold?

I followed the story of the Mayan Bacob priests across the span of centuries: first at the discovery of the crystal skull and only a small insight into the awesome powers it possessed.  Next, I trekked as a  Bacob prisoner to the Spaniard expedition of de Coronado into the depths of the greatness of the Grand Canyon.  It was there the intimidation and stealthy ways of the Bacob show me they were bred for survival.  I continue to follow as they discover a new wonderful magic of the crystal skull: the ability to slow the aging process.  But with that comes new problems, including the issue of population growth and a mutation in the gene pool.

Again, I follow the Bacob on a new quest to refill their population with a new gene pool.  It wasn’t their finer moment, but it was necessary to save a race.   Centuries later, a young Mavus u Ch’an changes the destiny of the Bacob forever as he enters western civilization.  Now a big company with a heartless CEO will go to any lengths to discover what the Mavus u Ch’an know.  It never occurred to me what having infinite life could mean for the human race, but the Bacob have spent centuries studying this and they must now embark on a new quest, one which will thrust them in the real world, and I fear they will falter out of their small colonial element.  And what of the safety of the crystal skull which they have hid all these centuries?

     Progeneter I is a well written book not only as fiction but as education into the quest for immortality.  Author, Steve Bareham  poses a real question relevant to this day and age as people are living longer.  What kind of impact will this have on our planet?  This book tells a great story of an even greater people and their struggle to keep this from happening.  Follow the beginning of the Bacob monks and how they have evolved over the centuries in this well written two part series.  The only thing that seems to take away is the great detail some scenes are written in, however if you love reading about all the nitty-gritty facts then you’ll enjoy this.  This book, an adventure spanning from Mayan Central America to present Western Civilization, is a perfect read for anyone interested in a little history, some conspiracy and a lot of adventure.

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Imminent Danger and How to Fly Straight Into It, by Michelle Proulx

This is an unsolicited review and reviewed for The Writing Apocalypse website.

It has been several months since I heard the news of a new book coming out by fresh author Michelle Proulx, whose blog I follow here on WordPress.  There seemed to be so much going on with the book in the way of getting it published that I, myself, became frustrated for her.  Then late December she announced that it would be going live in January, and I waited anxiously for the day it did.

michelleproulxAs a SciFi buff, I had high expectations for this much anticipated book, and hoped all the hype wouldn’t leave me disappointed in the end, which sometimes happens when we are waiting for something.  I am pleased to announce that not only was I not disappointed, I was very surprised, so much as to say taken aback, and can’t wait for a sequel (and if you know me, you know I hate sequels).

Several books have across the desk here at The Writing Apocalypse, many that we find poorly written, but this is the first book I have come across that was flawless. Serious. No errors.  The characters were believable, lovable, deplorable, and frustrating, which makes for a great story.

Eris is seventeen and rather bland, living a humdrum life at a private school, when all of a sudden she is snatched up by six-armed lizard men and abducted to the nether regions of space.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, she is held captive where she quickly befriends a cuddly alien, Miguri.  Being abducted doesn’t end her bad day. She is then rescued, only to be sold to a masochist alien corp, to be rescued again, stolen by her original rescuer/seller, nearly killed, then wanted by the entire space federation.

Eris is the ultimate inter-galatic damsel in distress.  But there’s more! Her original rescuer who then sold her is the devastatingly handsome Varrin the Rakorsian, an alien breed made up of the finest genetic manipulation that not only renders him devastatingly handsome, but stealthy and lethal.  Together they travel the reaches of the universe finding themselves in more danger than not, and wearing desperately on each other’s emotions and lives.

The story starts with a bang and ends with a smile that makes you want to say, “That’s just so Varrin.”

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good inter-galatic, wild and crazy adventure.  This book has it all: alien abductions, human trafficking in space, galactic peace corporations, double-crossings, beautiful aliens, seduction, war, mysterious planets, and love gone strangely alien. I found myself lost in this book, caught up in the scenes, and air pumping my fist when things got exciting.  A must buy. A must read. A must recommend. Congratulations to Michelle Proulx for being meticulous and getting it so right, I want to read it again.

Imminent Danger and How to Fly Straight Into It, By Michelle Proulx

ISBN-13: 9781475965469



Will be featured in this month’s edition of The Writing Apocalypse, and a definite contender for book of the year.


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Embers At Galdrilene by. A.D. Tropser

This book review was written by a team member of The Writing Apocalypse., and was originally featured on the Blackbird LSD website.  This review was not paid for or solicited by the author.

Embers At Galdrilene , An A.D. Trosper Novel

This novel came across my desk and when I seen the title and synopsis, I automatically put it aside. I for one am not a big fan of Fantasy Fiction; honestly I’m not even remotely interested in any aspect of that genre. But… it was recommended as a “well written novel,” so a smirk crossed my face and the overwhelming feeling of a challenge engulfed me. The challenge to reinforce my firm standing, and lack of interest for the Fantasy genre, as well as to see exactly how “well” this novel could possibly be written. I decided to pick up my copy of Embers at Galdrilene, and… I didn’t put it down until I finished it.

ad tropserYou can feel the air coarse and flow through your hair while you see the horizon arc before your eyes. The ground is soaring below you in a blur. Your hands grip the tough leather reigns tightly intertwined through your fingers. You’re riding a dragon. Yes a dragon, and you’ve never felt so alive. Your stomach drops as your dragon dives. The cutting sound of wings slicing through the air surrounds you. This is your dragon, and you’re the rider. You’re a dragon rider. You feel a heart beat, so close you would think that it’s right beside your own. That beat you feel is your dragon’s heart beating. You feel it as if it’s your own because that is the bond you share with your dragon, an indescribable bond that only you and your dragon can share. Your dragon levels out and coasts through the air, this is how you feel… This is how you feel as a Dragon Rider.
This is how I felt as a reader during my journey through Galdrilene with all the dragon riders. A.D. Trosper can steal you from where you are and take you into her own world. Her attention to detail and character point of view was so well that it makes you, the reader, feel and see what all her characters can. The story line was great, and definitely a page-turner. There were more than a dozen times and instances where I felt on my toes and left in suspense. The ending leaves you wanting more, and I’m looking forward to the second installment of the Dragon’s Call titled Tears of War, which is still in writing. I continue to remain no fan to fantasy fiction, but I have become a fan of A.D. Trosper and her uniquely, and yes, “well” written novel, Embers At Galdrilene. I honestly recommend this novel, even to those that aren’t fans of the specific genre. It’s more than a good read and it’s a nice change of pace from my usual taste. So if you’re looking for something that can be a temporary escape from reality, then pick up or download your copy of Embers At Galdrilene today. A.D. Trosper is an author where a reader should stay up to date and followed up with to see what’s new and conjuring up in her vivid imagination.

Embers At Galdrilene by. A.D. Tropser

​Paperback: 452 pages

Publisher: Silver Spirit Publishing (November 18, 2012)
ISBN-13: 978-0615730950

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #4,057,765 in Books / #43,259 Paid in Kindle Store

Barnes and Noble Rank: #840,774


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“A Life Interrupted,” Kristi Loucks

“A Life Interrupted,” Kristi Loucks

A Life Interrupted, by Kristi Loucks


I had the recent opportunity to read this book by independent author, Kristi Loucks.  The story revolves around Jared who is kidnapped and held hostage by a Russian terrorist.  Jared was taken without warning, leaving behind his pregnant girlfriend and a handful of friends who worked with Jared on a special task force.  Life continues without Jared, though no one ever gives up hope, until one day he returns…that is when his fight truly begins.

A Life Interrupted had me crying in the first few chapters.  It was endearing to see just how much friends and family could endure, but also to follow the emotions of a hero who returns to discover the woman he left behind had been carrying his child when he disappeared. I was in full heaves at one point, not ever wanting to know what it would be like to be separated from those I love.

This book has a very strong emotional pull, but it also has some serious psychological warfare going on.  Not only was Jared physically tortured to the brink of death, but he was also taunted by news of those left behind.  When all is revealed about his torture and the history that led up to the kidnapping I was inline among jared’s friends to want the bad guy six feet under.  This book is a story of the unhuman strength one sometimes musters in order to make it back home, and of the love that doesn’t die when a lover and friend goes missing.

My only complaint, or peeve, about this story is that it was occasionally repetitive. Some scenes explained before were re-explained in detail later, and explained among all the friends after.  This didn’t take away from the story, but it did give that sensation of dejavu.  Also, there were many parts of Jared’s torture where my inquisitive mind would have liked to have more detail and be given more length into the story. I think the author missed on opportunity to engage the reader a bit deeper into this dark, brutal period.  I would like to have known more about what he felt and sensed, but again not knowing deeper details did not take away from the story itself and this is only one person’s personal opinion.

All-in-all I gave this book a 4 star review on Amazon where it is available for purchase on Kindle. I think if Kristi continues to write more books like this she will have a great fan following and will undoubtedly grow in her writing abilities.  I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys a good tear jerker with a bit of action thrown in.

“A Life Interrupted,” by Kristi Loucks

*****Review written by Tania L Ramos, author of When I Thought I Was Tough and most currently the award winning book, Be Still.  All views expressed here are the sole opinions of Tania L Ramos and do not reflect on the opinions of any other person.*****

Interview with David McGowan

Thanks to the use of this Worpress blog, I have met many people who share my interest in writing.  This blog has been an amazing platform for that.  One person I met is, David McGowan, author of, “The Hunter Inside.” Like me, he has been blogging about his book and the strains and accomplishments of getting his book out there.  One day, I read his blog and noticed his excitement at finally having his novel out on Amazon’s Nook.  I was excited for him, but I don’t own a Nook, so he allowed me to read a manuscript.  Thank you, David.  After reading the manuscript I asked if I could write a review on my blog and do an interview.  He accepted.

The Hunter Inside by, David McGowan

This fast paced story follows three people who do not know each other and how they are stalked and targeted for death.  But who is trying to kill them? Who is sending the terrifying notes? Who is watching them?  Those are the questions that must be answered before a maniacal killer finds them and kills them off one by one.  But what does the death of their family members before them have to do with them being targeted? To know the answers, you must read the book.

David McGowan is a master at writing in details, using every sense to tell his story.  Readers can relate and feel the fear, horror, and sometimes bitter taste that the characters can feel.  This story is moving at a high-speed from the first chapter to the very (unexpected) last sentence.  The characters are believable and the situation is like a cross between “Seven” and “The Ring,” (the original foreign version).  Who is the killer? That was the part that made me smile as I was caught off guard by who it was.  And being able to read from the killer’s point of view was eery, but enticing.

When I asked David what genre this book fell under he said, “You tell me?! It’s part thriller, mystery, suspense, horror, supernatural.”  I tend to agree.  This book fits nicely into an array of genres and mixes them with ease.

Who is David McGowan when not writing, he answers, “A cider-swindling information professional, working on an Institutional repository. . . I definitely earn my cider.”

I was not surprised when he named Stephen King and Dean Koontz as influential authors and believe someday they may be writing an endorsement for, “The Hunter Inside.”  When asked what advice he has for other self-published authors he answered, “Be commited-especially to the formatting and editing process.”

McGowan said this book started off as a short story, by the end he had over one-hundred thousand words.  His favorite charcater in the story was Sandy Myers as she was committed to her children and would climb mountains for them, “She is a woman with real guts and determination.”  Just for fun, and to appease this writer’s sense of not being insane, I asked if his family or friends think he is crazy for writing such a vivid book? David had a modest response, “Not really, but I think they’re amazed something like this can come out of my mind.”

“The Hunter Inside,” can be purchased on Amazon for Kindle at this link:

David McGowan is a WordPress blogger and can be found here: David McGowan

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