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My Contribution

By now most everyone has heard of the ALS ice bucket challenge. I’ve heard many people say they are kind of tired of hearing about it, reading about it, and seeing the videos. I understand. But has it helped? According to some records the contributions to ALS last year were about $2 million. This year it is at about $100 million (according to articles).
I was so grateful to see all of this support. Why? Because it has been near and dear to my heart since I first encountered a woman at work who had this disease. She was true inspiration. I left this subject alone and encouraged people to contribute to ALS rather than change the charity to donate to, as many people did. But what irked me after awhile is that my friends and family were posting that they had never heard of this disease, and they would read up on it more since it was brought to light.
Why did this bother me? Quite simply, because these people all read my book and more than 90% left reviews on the book “Be Still,” and I’m thinking, “Hello?” Be Still was published in 2012, long before the ALS ice bucket challenge. It was what little I could do to shed light on this over looked disease. What is ALS? It is Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and now most of you have heard of that. As my family and friends said (when I pointed that out), “Oh. I had no clue.”
ALS is no joke. My fictional character, Jack Silver, died from this disease, and truth-be-told, I cried through so many of those scenes with him. So yeah, the ALS ice bucket challenge has raised awareness, and now many people know what it is, so I watch the videos every time they are posted. My book, the story of Jack Silver, touched many hearts, but not nearly as many as one simple little bucket of ice water did. Here’s to all the ways that awareness has been raised.
Be Still is available in most ebook formats, softcover, and hard back. I was never challenged, and I’m not asking to be, but my contribution to raise awareness is to donate 75% of my royalties from the sale of this book for all of 2014 back to ALS research.

Now Available

Now Available

Tania L Ramos, RN and Author who was inspired by the strength of a woman with ALS
75% of proceeds from Be Still during 2014 will be donated back to ALS research.
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Has it Been that Long

Okay, so I wrote out this huge post and my computer did something awful. Next book: When Good Computers Go Bad! So where have I been? In a place where free time no longer exists.

I started my Bachelor’s program in nursing through GCU. It is a rigorous thirteen month course that has occupied every last bit of free time I have had, and has even snuck into my not so free time. By this time next year, and $16k in debt, I will have a BSN and a government loan. Exciting, yes I know.

Any time for writing has been shot out the window, and the rantings of characters has been quickly drowned out by rantings of health care essays and deadlines. But I need some sanity, and the characters of Life by Chance started invading my brain even through medical papers. They were tired of being on the electronic shelf; tired of the promise of fruition; and tired of being unheard.

Blackbird Press and I had gone round and round on publishing prospects. I looked at some indie presses, but most either worked only in press or only in e-books. Some weren’t a right fit, others made me nervous, and still others didn’t offer the variety I desired. We talked about sending out queries to agents, but my time was already being strangled. It looked Life by Chance might spend another bout “shelved.” Then I received an email that Iuniverse was having a 50% off sale, and I thought about it.

On June 30th, the last day of the sale, I made the call and chose to go with Iuniverse. I used them for Be Still so I’m familiar with the process; I know what is important and what isn’t. Of course my only complaint is the low royalty payout and the timeliness of the payout, but all-in-all it isn’t breaking the bank. My spirit is renewed! Yay. If all goes well, Life by Chance should be out by the holidays.

While I haven’t spent much time promoting the book these past few months, except in blurbs on social media, the artist has been promoting the art work. “Life by Chance” has been accepted into several mainstream contests, and was displayed at an art show in Hollywood, CA. It is currently a submission in the Bombay Sapphire art contest, and has received honorable mentions in other events.

Tania L Ramos, RN and author

"Life by Chance" Artist: Mariano Daniel

“Life by Chance” Artist: Mariano Daniel

Why Would He Kill His Son?

I’ve been talking with a few other authors about the Young Writers Online Program. We went back and forth with questions and answers about a starting age, and just how much a young person of, say 13 years old, can create. I’m proud to say my six year old daughter put all my fears to rest tonight.

We were watching the book trailer for Be Still. Usually, she doesn’t like watching it because the music scares her, but this time she asked me to play it so she can see it. She read the words, because … well … she’s kind of a genius (yep, biased). When it was over she said this, “Why didn’t the dad just kill his son?”

And of course I’m like, “What?” My eyes kind of bulging and scooting a bit away to create some distance between my prodigy child and I. “Why would he kill his son?” I asked from across the room, sans crucifix, silver bullet, or priest.

She answered, “I know he loves his son, but he misses his wife and daughter. Well if the wife and daughter are dead and the father is dying, he can kill his son, and then they can all live together in heaven. Or the place that you put his dad with the magic and stuff. You know, so they can all be happy.  And a family.” (on a side note, my daughter has sat through the reading of several chapters, and questions all of it.)

Not that I was looking for an alternate solution to the enigma of my story plot, but that kid kind of made sense–in a twisted, sleep with one eye open, and hide the knives kind of way. Ah, just a chip off the ol’ block.

In answer to the question: Can a 13 year old come up with good material? I don’t know. But I’m certain they can definitely come up with some great alternate endings. 🙂

jorja rayne

This is what a beautiful mind looks like


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Tania L Ramos, RN and Author With Hugs From Across the Room

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Consorting with Malingering Voices

What does it mean to be a writer?

These past few days I have run into many people and struck up random conversations. After talking for a bit some have said, “Oh, you should check out my book.” And I get excited to meet a fellow writer. They are such a fun group of people to chat with because we all get inspiration from different sources, but always say, “I just had to get the voices out of my head.”

Any field therapist would immediately put us on a psychiatric hold and delve deeper into these haunting voices that urge, nay I say nag, us into writing out their manifestos. To the outside world this may seem like a huge hindrance. I mean really, try meditating or concentrating on downward dog pose when two or more characters are chatting away in your brain. It’s like a party all the time. Unless you have some seriously depressed characters, in which case one may need to hide the razors. Then there’s the manic characters who need a shot of Nyquil and Prozac to bring down the tone and your heart rate. Ever live with a homicidal maniac in your head? That would be Fluffy, the killer kitty who harbors multiple episodic personalities, who enjoys digging its claws into my brain every now and again. Ugh, yeah . . . some of the voices are feline, alien, heck there’s even an angel–that I think isn’t the halo wearing kind–malingering up in my noggin.

Oh yes, I am a therapy life study. I am the thesis paper that leads to Nobel Prizes. I am villainy and salvation in the form of letters and sentences. Given the choice between silence on a mountain to hear the gentle cacaw of the great bald eagle and refereeing a grudge match between bitter, ruthless, sometimes insane characters . . . I’ll take the voices in my head; they sure know how to stir up trouble. Now if people would just stop staring at me like I’m crazy while I’m driving my empty van and shouting at myself in character dialogue.

Thank you for following along today. This post was brought to you by the many many and vast voices in my head. To completely understand please follow the bouncing ball, or watch this video because there is no bouncing ball.

The moral of the story is this: its a scary scary place inside the mind of a writer. Be afraid. Be very afraid. {insert maniacal laugh}

Tania L Ramos, RN, Author who consorts with the voices in her head

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Something Amazing Happened

Life by Chance has been sitting on the cyber shelf for months now. I’ve complained for sometime that my own life has gotten in the way of my budding writing career. I was able to put two books out in ten months when I was staying at home and my only written doctor’s orders were to not get fat and not eat Oreo cookies in bed. As if! Mmmmm, cookies–

So, I opened my cyber shelf and pulled out the book to start edits.  I had already edited the first so many chapters a few months back, so I started where I left off. Something amazing happened! I was so enthralled by this story line that I forgot to edit. Two chapters in, I was blubbering like a wounded child. My own story made me cry. Holy cow.

It had been so long since I wrote it that I forgot just how intense and wonderfully dark it was.  I text Glenn just to announce that I was an amazing writer.  Not  to toot my own horn but beep beep.

Once I wiped my eyes dry, I went back to do the editing. Something amazing happened! I realized that my grammar and my creative writing skills were at the opposite ends of the “amazing” spectrum.  I was blubbering like a wounded child. My own story made me cry . . . at just how much professional editing is going to cost me.  Holy cow.

How do you feel after rereading your manuscript that has been shelved for a while? I’m loving all the Twitter and FB responses so far.

Tania L Ramos RN, Author whose day job pays for editing

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Cover design concept by Mariano

Cover design concept by Mariano

Double Duty Trip: Seattle,WA

Hello fellow bloggers, especially those in Seattle, WA. After several years of being cooped up with three hours of my home I am finally taking a wonderful weekend trip to Seattle.  It isn’t all fun and R&R though. I am headed out with Glenn to go to an It Works! convention. (For those catching up, I have taken to selling body wraps and health supplements as a means to pad my income and pay for editing).

We fly in early Thursday and pretty much have the day to ourselves to roam about freely. We aren’t renting a car so this will be interesting. Either we learn to ride the rails, the bus, or we walk everywhere.  I’ve been told that everything is relatively local to us, so that is a bonus.

Friday we have convention late the evening, so we will find ourselves some mischief during the day.  Saturday is all day convention, then Sunday morning we fly home.  So this is a double trip for me: I look forward to convention and getting energized and ready to wrap the world into skinniness, but I’m also excited to tote my book around the city and leave it at random places to be found. I’m thinking a scavenger hunt is in order. Either way, it’s a tax write off!!!! Weeeeee!

If you’re in the downtown/convention center area let me know. Maybe we can grab some tea or you can suggest some places we must go to.  We are really just winging it and hoping we don’t get lost. Pics to follow.

Tania L Ramos, Author, Pacific Coast Traveler, Mischief seeker




Dream Boards. Go Big!

Ever hear of a dream board? It’s basically a poster board or piece of paper, even a napkin, that you use to jot down your dreams.  The premise is that you can say what you want in life, but when you can actually see it it becomes easier to achieve it.  This is why you hang that bikini by the fridge, or post a picture of the dream car on the bathroom mirror, or fill a jar with change that has a picture of a purse you’ve been eyeballing.

I’ve taken many classes over the years, but psychology has been one of my favorites.  In one particular course we discussed how to train the mind for reason of learning.  It went something like, explain, show a picture, explain, hands on training, explain.  The brain retains more when there are visuals because it has something to identify and relate with. On a side note, you also learn better in a cold environment.

Think of this: You want to get fit and trim for the summer but you are a binge eater, midnight snacker, or eat out of boredom.  Would it be easier to curb a trip to open the fridge if you just kept repeating, “beach body. Beach body,” or if you had several pics of the body goal you want on the fridge while chanting your goal? Odds are, the visual and chanting would be most helpful. As humans, we like tangible things that we can see.

My upline with my part-time job for It Works! had us create a dream board. Many just used a sheet of poster paper, but I went out and got the whole shebang to do this up right. Go BIG or go home! Dream big or don’t dream at all.  After all, you can dream as big as you want, and you better believe that New York Times Best Selling Author is on that dream board.  I also purchased a set of poster board lights to light up my dreams . . . the future is bright.

If you believe it, you can achieve it! It you say it, you are one step closer.  It you can see it, you will work harder toward it.  Believe, say, see! It’s quite a simple formula that works with almost anything; including writing a book.

What is on your dream board?

Tania L Ramos, Author, Getting Skinnier by the day, Dreaming big

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