Review: Progeneter by Steve Bareham

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Book: Progeneter I: Immortality the Quest

Author: Steve Bareham

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Gazing into the ruby, red, crystal eyes of an ancient crystal skull renders a man helpless to succumb to the powers of the entity.  There is a feeling of being lost in a haze, being lost in space, and being lost within one’s self.  The power is magnificent and can change a man just at the sight of it, but what else does it hold?

I followed the story of the Mayan Bacob priests across the span of centuries: first at the discovery of the crystal skull and only a small insight into the awesome powers it possessed.  Next, I trekked as a  Bacob prisoner to the Spaniard expedition of de Coronado into the depths of the greatness of the Grand Canyon.  It was there the intimidation and stealthy ways of the Bacob show me they were bred for survival.  I continue to follow as they discover a new wonderful magic of the crystal skull: the ability to slow the aging process.  But with that comes new problems, including the issue of population growth and a mutation in the gene pool.

Again, I follow the Bacob on a new quest to refill their population with a new gene pool.  It wasn’t their finer moment, but it was necessary to save a race.   Centuries later, a young Mavus u Ch’an changes the destiny of the Bacob forever as he enters western civilization.  Now a big company with a heartless CEO will go to any lengths to discover what the Mavus u Ch’an know.  It never occurred to me what having infinite life could mean for the human race, but the Bacob have spent centuries studying this and they must now embark on a new quest, one which will thrust them in the real world, and I fear they will falter out of their small colonial element.  And what of the safety of the crystal skull which they have hid all these centuries?

     Progeneter I is a well written book not only as fiction but as education into the quest for immortality.  Author, Steve Bareham  poses a real question relevant to this day and age as people are living longer.  What kind of impact will this have on our planet?  This book tells a great story of an even greater people and their struggle to keep this from happening.  Follow the beginning of the Bacob monks and how they have evolved over the centuries in this well written two part series.  The only thing that seems to take away is the great detail some scenes are written in, however if you love reading about all the nitty-gritty facts then you’ll enjoy this.  This book, an adventure spanning from Mayan Central America to present Western Civilization, is a perfect read for anyone interested in a little history, some conspiracy and a lot of adventure.

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