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Booktango: The New Experience

To date, I have written about my findings of publishing through Iuniverse, which is an assisted-publishing avenue.  To put out Surviving the Writing Apocalypse, I went a different route and chose to use Booktango.

My publicist and I had a long discussion on which way to distribute the manual.  There were many factors to this that were different from publishing Be Still.  The main difference is that Be Still is a fictional novel with some subjective fiction to it.  And, obviously, Surviving the Writing Apocalypse  is a non-fiction, self-help guide.  Already a vast difference there.

The next big difference is in the size of my wallet.  I had a decent expense account to put out, publicize, and market Be Still.  This year, my income is very limited, as is my time.  Which brings me up to difference number three: time. Last year, I was off work on disability and had all the time in the world to publicize, market, travel, promote etc.  This year, I am back to nursing and working full time (on part time wages, eck!). In fact, I only found time to write the manual when I managed to stay awake late hours after work. I love my sleep, so getting this manual out took dedication.

All these factors brought me to the decision that I was limited in every way to publishing a new book, so after much deliberation and counsel, I chose to go with the free method, by using Booktango.  I know, Amazon has a free method too, but after lots of research (and there was a lot), I discovered Barnes & Noble may start rejecting to sell books published by Amazon.  And it seems, many KDP authors are growing upset with some of the changes KDP is making.  Not to mention, I wasn’t thrilled with being stuck to one platform for any period of time before being able to distribute elsewhere.  I also truly like the idea of having bookstubs to hand out, like business cards, to groups I speak at, or for family and friends.

Lots of thought went into choosing Booktango, and I can only hope it was the right choice.  If Surviving the Writing Apocalypse is well received, then I will look into publishing a physical book next Spring/Summer.  For now, I will wait and see how it all goes and post about my experiences with Booktango in the exact same way I did with Iuniverse.  I will try to be unbiased and only deliver the facts as I experience them.

For this manual, I chose to go the free route, which means I did not get to see a preview of the book.  I can only hope it all went well.  I will order bookstubs and hold a free promo in the near future to officially release the book and the website.  I am currently looking for authors who would like to read the .docx version and give me feedback that can be featured on the website along with your name and book title. I need at least five readers for this. Please contact me at for more information.

Stay tuned for all the happenings with the book and with using Booktango.

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