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Indieagogo Works?

This we shall see! After putting out two books and now the Surviving the Writing Apocalypse manual, I have hit a financial wall. Yikes! One author told me to try a site called, but I didn’t think it would work. More and more I am reading of authors who have used the site and receiving full or partial funding for their projects.  I was still leery of the whole thing, so I did research, as you should all know I am apt to do.

The conclusion: given a good platform, which every author should have, and basic fundraiser writing skills, any author can put a campaign together. Today, I sat at my computer (eyes bleeding because I should be on eye rest), and put together a simple campaign to raise funds for launching the website. We’ll see how this goes, and now I’ll have a new category on WordPress under Indieagogo experience. Why not? heck, the world may end soon, or maybe the aliens will finally make a firm presence on Earth. Everything is possible, and as Moulder said, “I want to believe.” (That’s an X-Files reference).

So here is the link You can see how this works for future reference, or make a donation. Any donation is welcomed, but perks start at $25, and if you run a business the higher perks are worth looking into. Okay, enough sales pitching. Do me a great big, author-to-author favor, look at the page and then forward it out on your apps. The campaign runs 45 days, so I’ll give you all weekly updates, or if something amazing happens, I’ll post it sooner.

Fingers crossed. Prayers said. And a petted a kitty and kissed a puppy for luck.