Imminent Danger and How to Fly Straight Into It, by Michelle Proulx

This is an unsolicited review and reviewed for The Writing Apocalypse website.

It has been several months since I heard the news of a new book coming out by fresh author Michelle Proulx, whose blog I follow here on WordPress.  There seemed to be so much going on with the book in the way of getting it published that I, myself, became frustrated for her.  Then late December she announced that it would be going live in January, and I waited anxiously for the day it did.

michelleproulxAs a SciFi buff, I had high expectations for this much anticipated book, and hoped all the hype wouldn’t leave me disappointed in the end, which sometimes happens when we are waiting for something.  I am pleased to announce that not only was I not disappointed, I was very surprised, so much as to say taken aback, and can’t wait for a sequel (and if you know me, you know I hate sequels).

Several books have across the desk here at The Writing Apocalypse, many that we find poorly written, but this is the first book I have come across that was flawless. Serious. No errors.  The characters were believable, lovable, deplorable, and frustrating, which makes for a great story.

Eris is seventeen and rather bland, living a humdrum life at a private school, when all of a sudden she is snatched up by six-armed lizard men and abducted to the nether regions of space.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, she is held captive where she quickly befriends a cuddly alien, Miguri.  Being abducted doesn’t end her bad day. She is then rescued, only to be sold to a masochist alien corp, to be rescued again, stolen by her original rescuer/seller, nearly killed, then wanted by the entire space federation.

Eris is the ultimate inter-galatic damsel in distress.  But there’s more! Her original rescuer who then sold her is the devastatingly handsome Varrin the Rakorsian, an alien breed made up of the finest genetic manipulation that not only renders him devastatingly handsome, but stealthy and lethal.  Together they travel the reaches of the universe finding themselves in more danger than not, and wearing desperately on each other’s emotions and lives.

The story starts with a bang and ends with a smile that makes you want to say, “That’s just so Varrin.”

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good inter-galatic, wild and crazy adventure.  This book has it all: alien abductions, human trafficking in space, galactic peace corporations, double-crossings, beautiful aliens, seduction, war, mysterious planets, and love gone strangely alien. I found myself lost in this book, caught up in the scenes, and air pumping my fist when things got exciting.  A must buy. A must read. A must recommend. Congratulations to Michelle Proulx for being meticulous and getting it so right, I want to read it again.

Imminent Danger and How to Fly Straight Into It, By Michelle Proulx

ISBN-13: 9781475965469



Will be featured in this month’s edition of The Writing Apocalypse, and a definite contender for book of the year.


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7 responses to “Imminent Danger and How to Fly Straight Into It, by Michelle Proulx

  1. This is by far and away the best review I have read for my book thus far 🙂 I have to say, when I reached the part about how you hoped you you wouldn’t be disappointed by all the hype, I got this chills-down-my-spine moment, thinking “Oh God, what if she hated it, what if it’s terrible, ahhhh!” And then I kept reading and found out that you loved it, and I’m soooo happy you loved it, because you’re kind of my self-publishing inspiration 😀 Thank you so much for writing this review, thank you for posting it on assorted online retailers (I think it’s so funny that you did this before my friends, who I’ve been badgering to do so for months!), and thank you for featuring it in the Writing Apocalypse! Will that be for this month, or next month? I want to link that page/article/ezine/whatever to all my friends and bloggy people 🙂

    • It should be linked by the end of the day, but I will definitely let you know when and which pages (its on two). And I really loved it, not just saying that. I’ve been so disappointed with all these books we’ve been reading, so I was so glad when yours was great … oh yeah, and I got so caught up in yours that I stopped reading the one before it. Amazing work, you are gifted.

      • Yay! Thanks 🙂 I’ll pass on the compliments to my mother, who had a huge hand in how the book turned out. She loves being told she did a good job (much like most people, lol).

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  3. Great review! I’m a huge Michelle fan, and I am so looking forward to reading her book. I love her enthusiasm!

  4. Wonderful review Michelle. Congratulations!

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