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When I’m Wrong, I’m Wrong: I Was Right

A few posts ago I declared that I would take a hiatus from writing due to life and the way it interferes with my love of writing.  To put it in perspective, when I love to do something I want to do it all the time and I want to do it well.  Between working, raising children, running the WritingApocalypse.com website, book shows (it’s that season again) and all the other surprise things that life doles out, it became difficult to find time to write.  And because I was staying up until all hours of the night trying to sneak in a few chapters only to wake up three hours later for a full twelve hour shift of nursing at the hospital, it felt like I was starting to despise my true passion.  And because of that, I knew it was time to take a break.

Let me say this: So many of you wonderful bloggers and authors immediately sent me well wishes and gave me the thumbs up to take a break.  I thank you all for that. It felt like a huge relief to know I am not the only author who needs to get off the boat and take a side excursion for awhile.  You all eased my guilt trip a bit, though I still feel like I’m missing something when I’m not writing . . . so I know i’ll be back.

Since my short break I have so far: worked in my yard and planted numerous flowers and fruit plants. Made the call to fix the pool. Updated the WritingApocalypse.com website. Wrote out my reviews.  Caught up on emails. Started to get the desk organized. Finished reading a book. And just sat down to hold random, useless conversations with my friends.

Alas, taking a hiatus has been good for my soul and sanity.  Still, those grungy teens full of hope and life have sat patiently and silently by.  I know they are there awaiting their story to be told.  I hope they hang around a bit. The more rest I get, the more I feel a welling of courage to write that next book. I was right in taking some time off. Then again, I’m usually right  🙂

Tania L Ramos, Author Taking A Siesta

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Lost In Infinity: Review & Book of the Month

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Book: Lost in Infinity
Author: Travis Besecker

Lost in Infinity Travis Besecker

Lost in Infinity
Travis Besecker

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Déjà vu? It’s the feeling that something has already happened before.  Did I read that before? Lost in Infinity had me asking this question on more than one occasion.  Following the story of a troubled youth suffering insomnia and a fear of infinity seemed like plot enough, but the fact that my brain was toyed with and strung along through this story only thrust me in further.

What is infinity? Imagine floating through space, gazing into the wide span of darkness and tiny specs of light that create an abyss without beginning or end.  The mere thought causes a powerful reaction: racing heart, surge of electricity pulsating through veins, exasperated gulps of air.  It’s apeiraphobia, a fear of infinity, combine that with insomnia, a strange inner voice and The Shadow Man and a child can go stark raving mad.  Did this child go mad?

The story runs haphazardly between recollections, rantings, and current events causing the reader to shake his head and try to make sense out of it all.  Does this work? Stick with the story, stick with the facts no matter how often they are repeated, stick with the character despite the constant feeling of déjà vu to find the plot is not at all what was expected.

Lost in Infinity creates the ground work for one story but leads into the path of another.  It seems repetitive and redundant at points, but stay with the story to discover why these feelings of déjà vu are so important.  Definitely not a book for everyone, but for those who enjoy a good insanity based book and don’t mind a sadistic twist in plot, this is a must read.  Its Shutter Island meets One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and the author makes it work, leaving the reader to grasp at straws wanting to know if the cycle ever ends.  What cycle? Read the book!

We are pleased to feature this quality book on WritingApocalypse.com.  We are also pleased to announce that out of the four books we read last month, this one is our new May Book of the Month.

The Staff at Writing Apocalypse

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Hello Goodbye

Life is exhausting! It is downright, sometimes, just painstaking to climb out of bed in the morning. The earlier I try to get to sleep, the worse it seems to get.  I’m an episode of Scooby Doo where he is trying to run forward but is remaining in place.  That’s me; stand still motion in a forward motion world.

So several things have come to fruition and not all of them positives.  In fact, when I initially thought of writing this bit on Monday about giving bad news, I was handed some bad news.  Word hit me that a good friend of mine took his own life Sunday afternoon while his wife and kids were at market.  This is a very young man and amazing poet.  In hindsight, his poetry sometimes left stepping stones into the torment he felt, but he masked it in pretty words.  Sometimes blue simply means blue, and sometimes it really is a metaphor.  Friends and family–and myself–wish we would have read between the lines.  What if? I get tired of that question, it is the one that haunts the longest and burns the deepest, always leaving a crater in my soul.

What was my original blog supposed to encompass on Monday? Two things: bad reviews and self defeat.  I’ll start with the first.  Unfortunately, not all books we read for my website WritingApocalypse.com are top quality, and so we must write letters of rejection. Boy, do we hate that.  Seriously, it tears at our gut, especially when people tell us this book will be life changing or is going to be the best we have ever seen. And it isn’t. How do you tell someone that without feeling some sense of sorrow. I hate getting bad reviews, but hate giving them more. It’s part of the job we tell ourselves.  It’s part of writing.  “Why can’t all books be good,” one reader stated.  What is the answer to that?  We wish they were.  So comes the point where have to write a tactful letter and say goodbye to a book that will not make the website.

And what of self-defeat? I’ve hit the topic a time or two, as it seems to really be creeping around the soul a bit more lately.  I love to write.  I love to write. I love to write.  At the same time, I love having free time to work in my yard, to workout, to hike, to walk, to sit and talk without remorse that I should be editing or writing, to enjoy reading a book for pleasure, and to enjoy my family. There is a story in my head, but it is difficult as I have no real map into this one, just bursts of colors like fireworks and hope that people will care to see the show.  Couple that with the fact that it will inhibit how I can distribute the book, and I’m doing a total face-palm. Should I take a hiatus from writing to catch up on life? Or is writing my life? Between a full-time job, part-time job, kids, health, home and writing, something has to give. I’m at a crossroads, as I do not want to say goodbye to any of them, but only one is truly able to be put off.

Monday was a day of mourning on so many levels.  I must say goodbye to a dear friend and with that I have no choice.  The team must turn down a book for inclusion on the website, and that is just a fact of life . . . they aren’t all winners.  Finally, do I also say hello to a goodbye of my own? I’ll sleep on it . . . perhaps jot down a chapter and see how easily it flows.  Until then, I say goodbye to “How to Save a Life,” which is finally finished and still in the working title stages.  At some time, I will find the time to finish editing.  Sometime . . .

I hope you found your sunset Matt. RIP

I hope you found your sunset Matt. RIP









Tania L Ramos, Author Hating Goodbyes

Review: Progeneter by Steve Bareham

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Book: Progeneter I: Immortality the Quest

Author: Steve Bareham

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Gazing into the ruby, red, crystal eyes of an ancient crystal skull renders a man helpless to succumb to the powers of the entity.  There is a feeling of being lost in a haze, being lost in space, and being lost within one’s self.  The power is magnificent and can change a man just at the sight of it, but what else does it hold?

I followed the story of the Mayan Bacob priests across the span of centuries: first at the discovery of the crystal skull and only a small insight into the awesome powers it possessed.  Next, I trekked as a  Bacob prisoner to the Spaniard expedition of de Coronado into the depths of the greatness of the Grand Canyon.  It was there the intimidation and stealthy ways of the Bacob show me they were bred for survival.  I continue to follow as they discover a new wonderful magic of the crystal skull: the ability to slow the aging process.  But with that comes new problems, including the issue of population growth and a mutation in the gene pool.

Again, I follow the Bacob on a new quest to refill their population with a new gene pool.  It wasn’t their finer moment, but it was necessary to save a race.   Centuries later, a young Mavus u Ch’an changes the destiny of the Bacob forever as he enters western civilization.  Now a big company with a heartless CEO will go to any lengths to discover what the Mavus u Ch’an know.  It never occurred to me what having infinite life could mean for the human race, but the Bacob have spent centuries studying this and they must now embark on a new quest, one which will thrust them in the real world, and I fear they will falter out of their small colonial element.  And what of the safety of the crystal skull which they have hid all these centuries?

     Progeneter I is a well written book not only as fiction but as education into the quest for immortality.  Author, Steve Bareham  poses a real question relevant to this day and age as people are living longer.  What kind of impact will this have on our planet?  This book tells a great story of an even greater people and their struggle to keep this from happening.  Follow the beginning of the Bacob monks and how they have evolved over the centuries in this well written two part series.  The only thing that seems to take away is the great detail some scenes are written in, however if you love reading about all the nitty-gritty facts then you’ll enjoy this.  This book, an adventure spanning from Mayan Central America to present Western Civilization, is a perfect read for anyone interested in a little history, some conspiracy and a lot of adventure.

We are pleased to feature this quality book on WritingApocalypse.com

Available on Kindle: HERE

The Staff at Writing Apocalypse

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Giveaway! It’s That Time Again

Be Still is coming up on its one year anniversary in May.  When I started this adventure into publishing last year, I had no clue where it would take me.  I thought I was taking the road less traveled; turns out the Self-Publishing Road is  a crazy, busy highway.  Thank goodness most drivers are friendly and well mannered.

I’ll write a one year memoir in May, telling all the ups, downs, positives, negatives, joys, and regrets of this rocky uphill climb.  Well, guess it couldn’t be all bad since I plan on publishing again this year . . . or maybe I enjoy swimming against the current more than I think.

In honor of coming up on my one year anniversary, I am doing a biweekly giveaway (that’s every two weeks, I looked it up).  The entry date starts today and will end May 31st.  There will be four drawings: 04/14, 05/01, 05/14 and the big giveaway on June 1st.

The first giveaway is for an ebook of Be Still on Kindle or Nook.

The second giveaway is for an ebook of Be Still and Surviving the Writing Apocalypse  on Kindle or Nook.

The third giveaway is for an autographed copy of Be Still in softcover along with a softcover of When I Thought I was Tough.

The big finale is a wonderful goodie bag: softcover of Be Still, When I Thought I was Tough, Surviving the Writing Apocalypse (if softcover is not out yet it will be an ebook), bookmarks, tote bag, pen, magnets, sticky pad, and any other fun stuff we have at that time.

Entry is simple: Use Rafflecopter to be entered into the giveaways through the end of  May 2013.


A bonus surprise giveaway will be held on June 1st for anyone signing up for the WritingApocalypse.com email list. We send one monthly update listing new books, offers and events and that is all. Find the email sign-up here: https://www.facebook.com/WritingApocalypse/app_115566291178

Tania L Ramos, Author Surviving the First Year

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The Great Escape: Las Vegas, NV

It has occurred to me that I can not finish my next book while at home.  The endless noise, questions, stares, and distractions make this a near impossibility. But, Tania, you wrote 95% of the book at home, so what’s your problem, you ask?

Answer: Although the beginning and middle are all great, I think the end deserves a special kind of finesse and must be done with tact.  It is hard for me to wrap my head around this concept with so much going on around me all the time.  Did I mention before that my home was a hostile? Okay, not really. I love my family, but it’s time for the big escape to finish this book without any distractions.


My plan: The mission I have accepted is to spend four days in beautiful Las Vegas at a wonderful resort courtesy of my expiring timeshare. Each day I will wake-up and spend my time divulged into finish the book. I have 2 days to do this. TWO! The next two days will be spent on doing a quick go over, before submitting it for editing.

Agenda: Wake-up and do some social media for Be Still and Surviving the Writing Apocalypse (available in print soon). I am allowing only one to one and half hours to do this then …

9am: write

12 pm: snacks, smoothies, nurishment

1 pm: reading (for http://www.WritingApocalypse.com books for review)

2:30pm: more writing

5pm: dinner

6:30pm: poolside reading for reviews

7:30pm: more writing

9pm: frozen cucumber slices on my eyeballs because they are going to hurt

Goal: Finish writing and first round editing

Milestone: I’ll be ecstatic if I just finish the book!

If anyone is in the Las Vegas area and wold like to meet for coffee, tea, lunch, or dinner let me know. It would be nice to mingle with some authors during my tentative breaks. I’ll be there early April

Tania L Ramos, Author With a Plan

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By the way, The Writing Apocalypse website is accepting submissions for books for review to be accepted onto the website. The March cost is $25, and you get a full content review along with a basic review to be posted on Amazon and here. If your book is accepted we place it on the website with a link directly into Amazon and share you across all our social media sites. Plus you’ll be eligible for Book of the Month and Book of the Year. That’s a huge package for a small cost. (we only charge because it helps us keep the website up and one of our guys does this job full time) Click for info: SURVIVOR All reviews are honest! Just because you pay does not guarantee a good review or acceptance onto the website.

L.A. Festival of Books Booth 214

This is a quickie shameless plug, which I haven’t done in quite sometime, so here it goes:

Blackbird LSD (social media & publicity for indie authors) as well as myself have secured our booth at the L.A. Festival of books. We will be at booth 214. Please come visit us if you are in the area of the beautiful USC campus from April 20-21. They are also representing the lovely, Michelle Proulx and her book Imminent Danger and How to Fly Straight Into It. It’s a scifi/YA book and one that kept me on edge with it’s fast paced action and adventure.

They will also display my books: Be Still and Surviving the Writing Apocalypse

What they will have:

  • Bookmarks
  • Buttons
  • Books
  • Magnets
  • Info on Blackbird LSD services
  • Whatever else they can get their hands on

We have high hopes that this event will bring all of us great exposure.  There is an expected attendance rate of over 200,000, and all of them are there for one reason: books!

Blackbird LSD is currently accepting two late admission authors (we had one unable to commit to the dates & awaiting confirmation of the others). You do not have to be there for them to represent you, however, they do need to read your book so time is of the essence.  You will need to provide your own promotional material (bookmarks, books, etc). If you can attend, even better!

Please visit BlackbirdLSD for more information or email info@blackbirdlsd.com for questions and prices.

Oh, and also see the latest updates at The Writing Apocalypse

Tania L Ramos, Author Attending LAFOB 2013

We will be at Booth 214

We will be at Booth 214