Interview with David McGowan

Thanks to the use of this Worpress blog, I have met many people who share my interest in writing.  This blog has been an amazing platform for that.  One person I met is, David McGowan, author of, “The Hunter Inside.” Like me, he has been blogging about his book and the strains and accomplishments of getting his book out there.  One day, I read his blog and noticed his excitement at finally having his novel out on Amazon’s Nook.  I was excited for him, but I don’t own a Nook, so he allowed me to read a manuscript.  Thank you, David.  After reading the manuscript I asked if I could write a review on my blog and do an interview.  He accepted.

The Hunter Inside by, David McGowan

This fast paced story follows three people who do not know each other and how they are stalked and targeted for death.  But who is trying to kill them? Who is sending the terrifying notes? Who is watching them?  Those are the questions that must be answered before a maniacal killer finds them and kills them off one by one.  But what does the death of their family members before them have to do with them being targeted? To know the answers, you must read the book.

David McGowan is a master at writing in details, using every sense to tell his story.  Readers can relate and feel the fear, horror, and sometimes bitter taste that the characters can feel.  This story is moving at a high-speed from the first chapter to the very (unexpected) last sentence.  The characters are believable and the situation is like a cross between “Seven” and “The Ring,” (the original foreign version).  Who is the killer? That was the part that made me smile as I was caught off guard by who it was.  And being able to read from the killer’s point of view was eery, but enticing.

When I asked David what genre this book fell under he said, “You tell me?! It’s part thriller, mystery, suspense, horror, supernatural.”  I tend to agree.  This book fits nicely into an array of genres and mixes them with ease.

Who is David McGowan when not writing, he answers, “A cider-swindling information professional, working on an Institutional repository. . . I definitely earn my cider.”

I was not surprised when he named Stephen King and Dean Koontz as influential authors and believe someday they may be writing an endorsement for, “The Hunter Inside.”  When asked what advice he has for other self-published authors he answered, “Be commited-especially to the formatting and editing process.”

McGowan said this book started off as a short story, by the end he had over one-hundred thousand words.  His favorite charcater in the story was Sandy Myers as she was committed to her children and would climb mountains for them, “She is a woman with real guts and determination.”  Just for fun, and to appease this writer’s sense of not being insane, I asked if his family or friends think he is crazy for writing such a vivid book? David had a modest response, “Not really, but I think they’re amazed something like this can come out of my mind.”

“The Hunter Inside,” can be purchased on Amazon for Kindle at this link:

David McGowan is a WordPress blogger and can be found here: David McGowan

If you would like your book reviewed, please send me an email at along with a pdf link to your manuscript.  I hope you have enjoyed this review.

Who am I: According to my latest press release: Tania L Ramos is an author of two books, her latest book is, “Be Still.” When not writing, she funds her publishing and marketing by working as a registered nurse in a recovery room and moonlights in cardiac rehabilitation.


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    The wonderful Tania L Ramos reviews The Hunter Inside and interviews me!

  2. Thanks so much Tania!

    • I enjoyed doing it David. Thank you

    • (Did my other post work? This is a correction; please post it & erase the others. Thanks.)

      David, your interview from 2009, about Laurel Canyon, is scrubbed (censored) or the Website was moved. If you have or can get a copy, please repost it on your Website.

      Also, you are an intellectual hero of mine for your intrepid and, if not perfect, then excellent pages. I used them (and some from and ) in an interview I did on Jan 4 2012 about the Paul is Dead issues, whatever their truth or not, but specifically I intended to introduce to the audience an expansion, to cover other 60s media problems of cults and control and deaths, such as you cover.

      Thank you again. You’re wonderful!

    • My interview is at radiofetzer ( — I forgot to put that in.

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