Creative Introversion

I read a great article today on how introverts spend time alone gathering energy to go out in public and how extroverts gather energy from crowds for time they are alone.  If that is the case then I need a lot of alone time.

I am officially on the road to marketing success (I’m being positive here).  All of my ducks are in a row and only need be set out onto a great big pond to float away and spread the word of this, “rising author who will be a household name soon.” I read another article that says it is okay to make profound speculations about ones-self (still feels vain to me) as long as you believe what you write.  I suppose watching a days worth of informercials has proven that theory correct.  I can’t begin to tell you how many, “world’s best stain fighter,” “next big thing,” “best of the best,” tag lines were thrown around.  They are all set in place to get a reader (viewers) attention.  Maybe I will be a household name, I mean I am in my own home…I know, that’s a stretch.

I’ve been searching online for book competitions that I could participate in, but seems many started at the beginning of the year, so I’ve missed that mark.  Not many book shows in my community and too late to grab a booth at our local fair, so I’m left to wonder what else I can do.  Something that feeds my basic nature of introversion? It has to be creative yet catchy…and legal, which is most important.

Today my boyfriend sent me this link on YouTube, please watch it before proceeding with the rest of this blog as you have to see it to know my comment: Commercial For Drama Button

Okay, did that commercial catch your attention? Make you smile? Make you giggle? Make you wonder what the heck was happening? In the end did you say, “Oh! I get it?”  THAT’S WHAT I NEED!!! I need a drama effect to the things I can create at home, and don’t think for one moment I didn’t consider doing a similar thing at our neighboring (big city) shopping center court.  Reenact the dramatic scenes from book? Oh that would be fabulous, but that takes a lot of time and at least three actors willing to VOLUNTEER their time, and someone willing to be hit by a car…at high speed.

I have read tens if not hundreds of websites telling me they know how to make an impact to be seen, but I look at them and wince, not sold on their product.  I keep thinking I can do better.  I am by no means a perfectionist or A-type personality that has to have full control, believe me I would relinquish it gladly if I knew that it would make a stand, but I haven’t found that on any website.  Some sites headlines make great promises but the site does not deliver.  You can’t expect me to purchase your product that will dazzle the literary world when their website looks like a second-rate, chop-and-drop magazine add.  I haven’t been impressed yet, which means I have to find my own creative introversion.  I have to find those tag lines that will catch a reader, and literary world, to have them think, “what happens next? Inquiery minds…”

So, short of reenacting a high speed car crash, a man traveling to a world caught between life and death, an afterlife wife with a deadly secret, and exploding coffins what more is there? That is my plight.  So far I have a blank piece of paper, a cup of iced green tea, B12 5,000units in, and a cat who still smiles when I talk to myself.  I’m set! Time for this introvert to get creative.  Today’s agenda: Send out at least one press release and learn how to create an app for Ipod. Any suggestions? Feel free to send them in and I will post them or their link.

And if you haven’t seen the book trailer for, “Be Still,” please watch it here: YouTube, and then buy the book now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble online and Kindle.  And, again, send me a picture of you with your book for a chance to win a free, “Be Still,” gift package.  Send emails to  Any pics sent are subject to be posted on my website or blog.  First picture in wins the gift package.


4 responses to “Creative Introversion

  1. I’ve been struggling with marketing ideas myself. My friend actually offered to stand on a street corner and hawk my book (lol!), but I had to decline.

    Your gift package idea is a good start, I think. And definitely entering contests will help – how about this one? . The deadline is June 15, so you still have time to enter, and it’s exclusively for self-published books.

    • Thank you for the contest information. My mom has been my best marketer. She hands out flyers to every person who crosses her path and given the opportunity would probably stand on a corner and hawk my book too. We need these kind of people on our side.

  2. That was hilarious, Tania! You’re probably way too young for this, but I was thinking of the soap operas–way back when–the drama was accompanied by a surge of organ music (not like a hymn, more like Vincent Price). My gramma always looked so tense, like she knew these people for real. I suspect I look like that now–though I don’t watch soaps–more often it’s the reruns of “classics”, especially westerns…. okay, back to work (yawn).

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