Promising Headlines Not Geared Toward Indie Authors

Has anyone else been pulled into reading blogs that headline with words like, “10 ways to boost sales?” “Find out what the experts do to increase sales,” “Fool proof ways to market a book?” I have seen those plastered on search engines, web releases, and Twitter.  I am sucked in every time, and why? Simple.  Because I want to get my book out there.  That is the point of publishing, right?

I have been through the discussion of writing for fun and writing to earn a living.  yes, the two are quite different.  I write because I love to write and it comes so easy.  However, I published in hopes that others would read my book and love it.  Last, I published so I can possibly make a living off it.  There is nothing wrong with being a career novelist, but until that day I am a career nurse with a book on the side.  I am trying to change that status, which is precisely why I click on the saviour links that read, “Boost your book to fame.”

Here is why I have come to so grossly dislike those links (though, I still click through):

  • They are geared toward writers with a large following
  • They are geared toward established writers
  • They are geared toward writers who have influential friends

What I read on those links are: ask all your followers to host a blog tour for you.  But what if you don’t have a bunch of blog friends due to the fact that you are, “a fresh face?”  Then what? Cross that top ten idea off the list.  Next there is promote a giveaway on your blog (many things surround blogs) tour?  Well, nifty idea, but refer back to my previous statement.  Then we have, spam your friends on Goodreads.  What if you don’t have Goodreads friends?  Then there is the  one where you ask a friend to host a book club night where they invite their friends over to, “meet the author.”  Good plan, except many authors tend to be introverts and might not always have a close enough friend to do this.  The list goes on and on.

I have read at least a hundred of these great ways to sell your book, but they all tend to say the same thing.  The one I loved most was from a woman who said, “10 sure fire ways to promote your new book.”  At the very end of her article she listed the countless books she had sold and the fact that two books were NY Times bestsellers, and I’m left to wonder: How does this pertain to someone ranked 605,489 on Barnes and Nobles’ website.  She was also published through a traditional publishing house, giving advice to independent authors.  By the way, I looked her up, she was never self-published.  That is like a non-parent giving parental advice.  Yes, those are my favorite people.

When I learn how self-published and independently published authors can find a niche in the literary world, I will be sure to post it under the headline, “Real advice for indie authors.”  Until then, I am humbly yours, downtrodden on marketing, scheming a plan, constantly researching, and moving half a step forward every week.  Any advice is welcomed as long as it has worked for you, and you are an unknown author too.

Also, don’t forget I am doing reasonably priced book trailers for independent authors.  This is actually a great way to get noticed.  Prices start at $575 (compared to prices starting at $3999), email me at


6 responses to “Promising Headlines Not Geared Toward Indie Authors

  1. monicagedwards

    stay strong tania, u’ll get there. u’re already doing big things 🙂

  2. Have you seen the new book at ? Great and free today and tomorrow!

    • that guy will be speaking at my writer’s club meeting next month. I heard the book is great and has some very good info, but I have not seen it yet. I will buy it before he comes to speak though, so I will have some insight there.

  3. Have you looked at the articles/videos they have on Author Learning Center? I know I got a free year subscription with them when I signed up for iUniverse, and I think you said you did too? Maybe there’s something on there that can help? They update every day, and all their stuff is specifically geared towards indie authors, so it might be worth a shot 🙂

    • I have looked at the site. I was following the marketing on a budget thing, but it’s one day every month for like ten months and that is just too long to wait. I wish it was once a week or so. And some of those videos also pertain more toward author’s with a huge following or who have a super secret bank account to spend on marketing. I’ve seen a few videos, but haven’t watched them all the way through and some seem to be trying to market their own books through out.

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