“The Road to Grace,” Richard Paul Evans: a review

     I was captivated by the jacket insert which explained how a man named Alan was walking from Seattle,WA to Key West,FL after the death of his wife and about the people he meets on the way.  At first I took it for a Forrest Gump knock-off, but I browsed the Barnes and Noble shelves and nothing else peaked my interest, so I went back to pick up the book, “The Road To Grace,” by Richard Paul Evans.

     I didn’t realize until halfway through the book that I was a step behind.  Apparently I was two steps behind–or should I say books– as this is the third in a series of books called, “The Walk,” series.  I was bummed to learn that I started in the middle and had to read the next book out NEXT year to find out what happnes.  Cliffhangers are wonderful, but not year long ones.  Will I remember the character in a year?  Besides, my career is booming with wonderful people I have met who have mauscripts for me to read and review on my blog. I like that option so much more, but I digress…

“The Road To Grace,” a wonderful story of man, Alan, who lost his wife to an infection after she broke her back in a horse riding accident.  After her funeral and a series of life-changing events, he decided to walk to the furthest location he could: Key West, FL. 

Along the way he meets several people, all of which have something to teach or ask for.  All of which have a life lesson to be learned.  But as he saunters on, things start changing for him (no spoiler here) and he learns of grave news…hence the year long cliff hanger.  Boo!

I was captivated by this man’s journey and was always left to wonder who he would meet next, which is why I read it in a few hours.  The people he meets have stories as fascinating as his.  The woman following him.  The polish man.  the mother at the store.  And the tramp (not hobo).  Some of their stories brought tears to my eyes, some made me cringe, but there was always a lesson to be learned.  Lessons we can take to heart and learn from.

The story is fast and an easy leisurely read.  Richard Paul Evans definitely writes with a purpose of making his readers reflect on their own life.  It isn’t only of fiction, but applies to a readers life at some point and at some conflict many have encountered.  I doubt I will rush out to buy the first two books as this book gave me much of the information I needed to jump right in.

The Road To Grace, by Richard Paul Evans

On a five star scale, I give, “The Road To Grace,” four stars (****), I didn’tgive it five only because, I personally,  do not like sequals. But that is just me.

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One response to ““The Road to Grace,” Richard Paul Evans: a review

  1. Thanks very much for this recommend, Tania–sounds like one for my list.

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