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I won Rising Star

This just in…I won the recognition for Rising Star on Iuniverse.  The Editor’s choice I had previously won was based on the sole decision of the editors, while this one is based on the judgment of marketers and designers.  This was the one I went berserk over having to fill a survey out for.  The one that asked my marketing strategies, and I ranted to my WordPress family how I was a writer not a marketer and how my measly, piddly  marketing budget was laughable.  Well, I guess they still saw it fit to see my book as marketable and liked my ideas on a budget.

I also received a timely phone call from the “somebody” of marketing who told me Iuniverse would pay for half a marketing package of my choice.  I went with the Trifecta, which sends my book out to three different review companies including Kurkis for professional reviews.  The turn around time is approximately a  month, but it is my understanding that I will be able to have these reviews printed on the back cover of my book at no additional cost for the reprint.  I am stoked.

My book should go live any day now, and that is my new pins and needles situation, because at that point this will all be real.  The scary part is that I will have to flip over into marketing mode.  Not my forte (I grimace).  But I’m ready for the challenge and look forward to a whole new set of stats to follow.  In the meantime I will continue to shamelessly plug, “Be Still,” to anybody who continues to read, and learn more about Twitter, which I have discovered is quite different from FaceBook, whereas Facebook is for friends and Twitter is more geared toward making connections…although I follow Ellen DeGeneres for fun…not that I would mind connecting with her people.

Mom promised to make me a cake in celebration of my new award, but I don’t smell the tasty scent of pastries so I may have to run out and do a banana split revival.  In conclusion, and commentary toward the Iuniverse service, I still give it two thumbs up and would recommend them.  I have been told my one rep that I am being given special service due to my “status,” (and the sounding snobbish begins), but before all this, going way back to the beginning, they have been honest, upfront, and very timely in responding to questions.  They only advised services I needed and never pushed the services I didn’t.  To this day, I would recommend them for self-publishing with a boost.  It’s like a ordering Jamba Juice with a boost, but a little more costly.  Oh yeah, and every month they offer new deals…can’t wait to see what May offers are out.