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Creature of Habit

Trying something new is a very bitter-sweet thing for many people.  There are definite things I would try and others I just wouldn’t.  On the to do list: jump off the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, white water rafting, sky diving.  Things on the “That ain’t ever gonna happen” list: hot air balloon, kayaking in the ocean, and bungee jumping.

Of course those are physical things, and I tend to be more adventurous about physical aspects rather than emotional aspects.  I am clearly and assuredly anti-therapy.  Not that I don’t believe therapy works, just that I don’t believe I have a problem.  🙂  However, I do believe in writing in journals, talking to pets, and hitting a punching bag are all great forms of therapy.  I am also stubbornly dead-set against the chiropractor.  That is my spine and after years of anatomy and physiology classes, along with EMT and Nursing programs, I’m against any manipulation of my spine.  However, I have no qualms with massage and acupuncture approaches.

And if you know me, as an author I am insanely stubborn about my approach to writing.  3rd person limited is my comfort zone and what I have always written in.  I do not sway from what I know. I am a creature of habit in regards to writing.  So why is this new book (that I’m still trying not to write) written in 1st person limited? And why in the world does the male character decide he needs to be written in 3rd person limited? Good grief.  I am so out of my element here.  Do they not know that writing in 1st person and switching to 3rd person is on my “Not To Do” list? Well, here is to leaving the comfort zone . . .

Tania L Ramos, Author Moving Outside of the Box

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And again, just because I love animals. Enjoy this cute talking dog who just wants a kitty.


Scene Setting vs Author Setting

Hello bloggers and good morning. Today I am coming to you from very warm and sunny Las Vegas.  I arrived yesterday to a wonderful resort with great staff, bedside view of the pool, cool room and piss poor internet service. Heh, can’t win them all.  besides, I’m here to write, not socialize–as if.

Last night, as I stared out my window and watched visitors play in the brightly lit pool, I wrote a scene set in a hospital.  This morning when I woke up, I opened the window curtains to the full and inviting sun and wrote about a woman sitting in a bleak, pitch black hospital room.

When my internet finally gave way to working (despite the cost of $9.95 a day for use), I caught up on some Facebook posts and looked up a song that has really set the pace for this current WIP. While watching this rather downtrodden and eye opening video, I again looked out my window.  Such an uplifting day.  It’s the kind of day that inspires me to think about getting life back in order.  The kind of day that makes you want to seize it! Ha ha! I can do this.  Heck, I want to run a marathon . . .

Okay, so you get it.  And yet, here I am, writing a dark indie novel about the ties that bind and sometime break us.  I’ve said before that I listen to music to create a mood, but it has occurred to me today that I don’t need that same setting to create ambiance in my book. I can just as easily write death and destruction from an awesome vantage point as well as I can write sunshine and rainbows from my dark closet.

Okay, here is the video I was speaking of.  Thompson Square “If I Didn’t Have You,” which pretty much sums up my book WIP. EXCEPT, this book isn’t about a romantic couple, it is about the struggle between a mother and son, with some Tania L Ramos twists and subjective fiction.

Tania L Ramos, Author With a Great View

Oh, look, there is the view from bed. Mmmmm, I love writing getaways!

hotel room

Shooting Myself in the Foot

The day has arrived, and short of making some people angry at my extended departure into the writer’s cave in a different state, I am ecstatic. Hold me back; my body is in California but my mind is about as deep into sitting in a quiet hotel room sucking down a Coconut lime smoothie from Margarittaville whilst writing my opus as it can get. I’m on fire … or am I?

Ever have the greatest intentions? That perfect itinerary? The To Do List that will absolutely get done come hell or high water? Is there an apocalypse on the horizon? I said hell or high water, but apocalypse can really slow things down. Yes, I am now suffering from shoot-myself-in-the-foot-itis, also known as biting off more than I can chew or setting the stakes too high. I’m sometimes notorious both. Okay, I have a problem and this is the first step to recovery.

My biggest worry: That i’ll sit in that quiet hotel room overlooking the Vegas strip, laptop open, cursor flashing–or is it mocking–with a blank petrified stare on my face, and it’s not from the coconut lime smoothie brain freeze I will likely suffer from at some point. It’s because I won’t have the words! Is there a cure for overachieving and failing miserably.

Why do I do this to myself? Why do I set such high goals, such top shelf standards that I need a twenty-story fire engine story ladder to get to it? If I am the Rebellion, then the goal I have set is on the Death Star. Where else would it be? Okay, setting feet firmly in place and raising my fist to the sky, “So help me, I will never be hungry for a word in this novel again! There will be an end. There will be an end!”

*says a silent prayer* Please let this book end this weekend, and maybe keep the brain freeze to a minimum. And if possible, no migraines, bellyaches, sinus congestion, pancreatitis flare ups, diva tantrums, carpal swelling, eye blurring, or criminal investigations (don’t ask). Thank you. Amen.

Tania L Ramos, Author (And nurse who can treat her own wounds)

Meet you at the Las Vegas sign. 🙂

The Great Escape: Las Vegas, NV

It has occurred to me that I can not finish my next book while at home.  The endless noise, questions, stares, and distractions make this a near impossibility. But, Tania, you wrote 95% of the book at home, so what’s your problem, you ask?

Answer: Although the beginning and middle are all great, I think the end deserves a special kind of finesse and must be done with tact.  It is hard for me to wrap my head around this concept with so much going on around me all the time.  Did I mention before that my home was a hostile? Okay, not really. I love my family, but it’s time for the big escape to finish this book without any distractions.


My plan: The mission I have accepted is to spend four days in beautiful Las Vegas at a wonderful resort courtesy of my expiring timeshare. Each day I will wake-up and spend my time divulged into finish the book. I have 2 days to do this. TWO! The next two days will be spent on doing a quick go over, before submitting it for editing.

Agenda: Wake-up and do some social media for Be Still and Surviving the Writing Apocalypse (available in print soon). I am allowing only one to one and half hours to do this then …

9am: write

12 pm: snacks, smoothies, nurishment

1 pm: reading (for http://www.WritingApocalypse.com books for review)

2:30pm: more writing

5pm: dinner

6:30pm: poolside reading for reviews

7:30pm: more writing

9pm: frozen cucumber slices on my eyeballs because they are going to hurt

Goal: Finish writing and first round editing

Milestone: I’ll be ecstatic if I just finish the book!

If anyone is in the Las Vegas area and wold like to meet for coffee, tea, lunch, or dinner let me know. It would be nice to mingle with some authors during my tentative breaks. I’ll be there early April

Tania L Ramos, Author With a Plan

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By the way, The Writing Apocalypse website is accepting submissions for books for review to be accepted onto the website. The March cost is $25, and you get a full content review along with a basic review to be posted on Amazon and here. If your book is accepted we place it on the website with a link directly into Amazon and share you across all our social media sites. Plus you’ll be eligible for Book of the Month and Book of the Year. That’s a huge package for a small cost. (we only charge because it helps us keep the website up and one of our guys does this job full time) Click for info: SURVIVOR All reviews are honest! Just because you pay does not guarantee a good review or acceptance onto the website.

Blog Tour Day 5: Back to my roots

Michelle Proulx, author of a new scifi book coming soon is the blog host of day 5 on the Be Still blog tour read here: Guest Blog Post: Tania L Ramos + Giveaway!.

I am still in Las Vegas today, considerably more broke than six days ago, but none lost to gambling. We have had a wonderful experience traveling the Extraterrestrial Hwy and stopping for burgers at the A’Li’Inn.  We will definitely return–minus one five year old who was a trooper for the 6 hour round trip.  I saw my son jump 855 feet off the Stratosphere hotel, had a way tooexpensive lunch at Planet Hollywood, enjoyed a day of rides at Circus Circus with my daughter while the boys went paintballing.  Today we will visit the Nuclear Museaum and Area 51 museum then do a little pan handling for food. Broke!!!

My blog tour is quickly coming to end and I thought it fit to end my “alien” themed vacation with Michelle who is publishing an alien themed book.  See, I do put thought into things.

So, in honor of all things alien and scifi today I am writing about my nerdy side.  The side that has attended two Star Trek conventions and can recite every original episode of Star Trek and thought Bones was kinda cute.  Then came Star Wars and my first teenage girl crush, Han Solo. I mean, what a totally hottie.  I used to listen to 80’s music and enact my wedding to Han Solo.  It was beautiful.

Then, just when I thought all scifi hope was lost came X-Files.  David Duchovny was my next crush and I just assumed someday we would be married.  I was an X-Files addict except for the last season which wasn’t as awesome as the other seasons.  And when that came to a roaring end I had nothing left.

Enter cable television’s SciFi network and all things unexplained, yet to be discover, and mutated.  I love B-flicks!!! Oh, and I do look forward to Shark Week every year…coming August 12th.

So, to go back; waaaaaaay back.  My very first genre of writing was scifi/horror.  I think it was scifi, my mom thought it was horror.  I remember my very first full length novel in 9th grade was about 150 pages long and revolved around my main character falling into a mirror and being caught in an alternate universe.  After that came a story of a man who’s car broke down and got caught in a creepy mist where he met a little girl—who was dead.  Sadly, these stories have all been done since. BUT, I had the ideas before anyone else and that is my claim to 9th grade fame.

Being around all things alien has been very inspiring and has conjured some wonderful ideas in my head about my next story.  Granted it is not all alien, there are zombies and vampires embedded but only as ambience to the story at hand.  I’m very excited to start writing and excited to start reading some good scifi alien books such as Michelle’s when it comes out.

BeStillNovel.com for more information on my current book release and for purchasing links

Blog Tour Day 3: Scifi vs. Fantasy

Greeting from 106 degree temps in Nevada.  It is h-o-t. Yesterday we had a blast visiting beautiful Freemont Street and seeing old Las Vegas.  It was 100 degrees at ten p.m. But it was a great day: Dasan jumped 855 feet off the Stratosphere for his eighteenth birthday.  We ate a very over-priced lunch at Planet Hollywood and later than night enjoyed the Freemont Street Experience. Why? Well, first off because it was my son’s birthday and second because I am getting ready to work on my alien book which will have a lot to do with the Nevada desert near Area 51 (go figure, right?).

So I pose this question for you scifi authors (since I am going out of my genre): how much of your book is fact and how much is fiction? I want to be able to put a few fun facts in my book while maintaining the scifi element.

Next question: Is scifi a form of fantasy? Or is fantasy a form of scifi? I gave myself a headache trying to deduce that one. If you say aliens I think scifi.  Say unicorns and fairies and I think fantasy.  But are they interchangeable? Both are forms of make believe-unless you are a true believer–but lets say for argument’s sake they are purely fiction, then an alien life form would be no different than a unicorn or fairy and would classify alien as fantasy…and vice versa, which are all forms of fiction. Oye, where is my Tylenol and icepack?

This has nothing to do about anything by the way, just simple rantings of a woman suffering from heat exhaustion who has seen one to many aliens in the past 3 days and is on day 51 (ironic since I am near Area 51) of near starvation. Stupid pancreatitis and hiatal hernia! Seriously, it is like a self-lapband.  Combine heat with extraterrestrial sightings and starvation and you get the recipe for an amazing scifi/fantasy novel of galactic proportions.

Are they looking for us, or are we working for them?

Live long and prosper and don’t forget to follow Blog Tour Day 3 at  http://freebies4myfamily.blogspot.com/ with another opportunity at a free giveaway.

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Tania L Ramos is the author of two books: When I Thought I was Tough (a free read & number 3 favorite on Bookemon.com) and Be Still available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. A new family drama novel along with a YA scifi book are in the books. Tania is currently on a blog tour for her recent release of Be Still.

Blog Tour Day 2 with Nerdy Book Review

Link to my interview by WordPress’ Nerdy Book review blogger: Author Interview: Tania L. Ramos.

Day two, hip hip hooray! Today I come to you from beautiful and scorching hot Las Vegas, NV where it is my oldest son’s 18th birthday. We will be bringing in adulthood by paying for him to jump over 100 stories from the landmark Stratosphere Hotel.  He may be pushed but I’ll never tell.

So day two is in full effect at Nerdy Book Reviews.  I met Liv via WordPress and have read many of her book reviews…even the steamy ones that make me blush.  She has had very honest reviews of books and was the only true book reviewer that I asked to join my tour.  I asked for an honest opinion as I have of everyone.  Unfortunately, she is a very popular gal and was unable to read the book in such short notice so she proposed an interview with a review at a later time and date.  I will post the review when she writes it, but for now enjoy a small question and answer session and be sure to read some of her reviews.

Thanks to Liv for joining me on my tour.  Be sure to click her link to read the interview and be eligible for a giveaway.

Tania L Ramos