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L.A. Times Book Fest

In my quest to be more of an extrovert (which hurts when it truly cuts across the grain of my being), I took the family out to LA Book Fest this past Saturday.  Okay, I know we are talking four days ago, but life has a way of choke holding me sometimes and forces me to do other things like: swap kids in L.A., sit in traffic, and drive to Anaheim to realize my debt will increase by exponential numbers when my kid goes to college.  By the way, this kid is also my marketer, so I told him he better do a great job if he wants me to sign my life away on a college loan!

So back to the topic I can so easily get off of (occupational hazard of being a writer…I go into tangents).  The L.A. Book Fest put on by the Los Angeles Times at the beautiful USC campus was held Saturday and Sunday.  There were well over 500 booths set up and thousands of people.  I can only compare it to being at a large county fair, subtract the carnival rides and add book readings, author interviews, and music.  Also, subtract carnival games and add $5 book stores, a man dressed as a zombie to promote his book (Tony J Ortiz, “All My Friends are Dead” whom I will review later), comic books, poetry books, kids books, YA books, memoirs, flashbacks, flash forwards, self-publishers, foreign publishers, indie publishers, small publishing houses, large publishing houses, marketing firms, and people against the oppression of comic books.

Needless-to-say, it was a BLAST! It took three hours to walk through it all, though I would have liked to browse more, but with a 4-year-old in tote it was difficult (they get antsy…fast).  I did video most of it, as I said I would, but it was kind of a trial and error day with my new GoPro camera too.  And again, with the kid tugging at my tank top, I didn’t get to accomplish as much as I would have liked to.  But, I’m glad she tagged along because she said, “I didn’t know there were so many books in the world.” It was definitely an eye opener.

I’m disappointed that I couldn’t attend any of the seminars, there were several throughout the day with speakers such as Judy Blume, John Cusack, and Betty White … to name drop.  What I enjoyed most was being in the company of fellow authors, self-published writers, indie writers, and prolific readers.  People were walking out with rolly backpacks loaded with new buys.  I also liked that there were different sections for different interests.  The poetry section with a poetry stage, the children’s section with children’s book, the adult area with more fiction, non-fiction mature readers (not triple x stuff…where is your mind?).  And at one point a stage with an orchestra playing.  It was fun listening to people pitch their books, but most of all it was a fun day spent with my boyfriend and daughter doing something that I really enjoyed.

Thumbs up to the LA Book Fest 2012 and keep an eye out for my video blog link (Vlog, as I am told it is called), and the new wonderful Vlog & Review intro my son created for me.  Happy reading and remember to keep an eye for my new book, “Be Still,” coming very soon.  <– Oh man, I can’t wait for September’s Shameless Promotion Month. By the way, I’m super close to hitting that 200 video mark on my YouTube site for the book trailer, so if you haven’t seen it just click through here, and make sure you Tweet it or like it or pin it or whatever you crazy kids are doing these days.