New Amazon Feature Can Help Authors

Here’s a new take on two things already in our author superhero utility belt: the #AmazonCart. This is a new tool, courtesy of the powers at Amazon, that allows Twitter users to add your book (or any other product)from Twitter directly to their Amazon shopping cart. Fancy that! Readers no longer have to leave their Twitter feed and get redirected. Can this new feature help published authors?

Here’s how it works:
Simply post a tweet that has your Amazon link and ask the reader to reply with #AmazonCart. This will not only alert you that someone has put your book in their cart, but it will also directly add your product into their shopping cart. The next time they log onto Amazon your book will already be there.
This appears to be a pretty novel concept. How many times have I scrolled across books that looked interesting, but didn’t want to be redirected, and later forgot what book that was? Oh so many. With this new option the book will automatically be in their cart. I always said Amazon was the devil, now they entice us with these wonderful new resources. Devil indeed.

The down side: The Twitter user must have their Twitter account linked into their Amazon account for this to work. It’s a new idea so I’m unsure how many people have their accounts linked.
What are your thoughts? Is this a method you will try? Do you think it has merit?

Tania L Ramos, RN and Author
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3 responses to “New Amazon Feature Can Help Authors

  1. Reblogged this on 411 on Books, Authors, and Publishing News and commented:
    Great new technique for quick shopping on Amazon. Let’s help our readers find this nifty trick!

  2. Has anyone tried this and found it to work? I’m interested but would be interested in any proven accounts. And, how is it you link your Twitter account to the Amazon account. Is it just the hashtags?


    • I’ve tried it and had more retweets than usual, but no response with “#AmazonCart.” You link your Amazon to Twitter by logging in and going to your profile and adding your Twitter account to it. In order for it to work you must have a valid Amazon link in your Twitter feed and ask the reader to reply with #AmazonCart. Example:
      Add my book instantly to ur Amazon cart by replying #AmazonCart (insert your Amazon link)

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