Author Envy

Do you ever get jealous of other writers? Maybe just a bit upset at how fast they have completed a WIP? A little miffed that they are newer at the game than you and have signing dates all lined up? Curious at how they get hundreds of pre-sales?

I consider myself relatively new to the game. My first book was published in 2011, another in 2012, and the last in 2013. Meanwhile, some writers have put out three books in a year. I sit aghast, somewhat perturbed, and play with thoughts of the author sleeping with editors to get ahead of the game. Isn’t that how it works? My name is Tania L Ramos and I suffer from author envy!

In reality, I pray and hope that I’m not the only one who gets these primal emotions when I see Author So-And-So boast over their third published book this year; or over their umpteenth award. I am human, right? I always manage to swallow what’s left of my pride, hit their share button, and give them praise. Deep down I am happy for them, but again, I have to shovel passed my own wounded ego to get there.

What gets me through it all at the end of the day is stark reality: I published three books in three years! There are some people who have been trying to perfect a WIP for ten years. Others are trying to muster the courage to submit a completed manuscript. Some never realize the dream of putting words to paper, and live with that regret forever.

a6As for me:
I published three books in three years!

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10 responses to “Author Envy

  1. I did three books in three years, and I feel good about them. On the other hand, I recently ran across an author who has put out forty-six erotic romance novels in three years. Do I envy her? I certainly envy the money she’s making.

  2. No, I get that feeling. I haven’t published anything yet. I’m hoping to have something ready by this time next year. Meanwhile, I keep seeing everyone’s cover reveals, release parties, etc. I can’t wait for that to be me. I’m probably going to be lucky to have one book a year. Kudos to those people who can get out more than one.

    • Good for you on getting started! I had two books out back to back, but I was on disability and had nothing but time. Now I’m at work fulltime, getting my bachelors, and full time single mom. These days I’m just thrilled to open my Word document. When you publish get back to me and I’ll review your book on here.

  3. Hello Ms. Ramos.
    I’m one of those authors that have over 40 books published. When I first got into writing I never thought that I would have accomplished so much. I was never envious about anyone at all. I always wanted to write, but didn’t know if I had the patience to do it or the time. These days I don’t look at anyone’s accomplishments, because that’s a personal achievement of theirs. I always wanted to achieve something with my own goals. I set out goals and then I complete them. Not many will sit down and type their thoughts. Not everyone is the same. There were times when I didn’t even want to go to a library, because I was overwhelmed with feelings of doubt about wanting to read in general. I got over those feelings and soon headed back to the library with a renewed feeling. It takes time to come up with stories for me I have to really be in the mood to think about something. I write short stories and this is what I have decided to do and what I can stand for now. Feeling envious of other people’s accomplishment is a wasted energy. Use that energy to create your masterpiece. Make time management your focus and begin one page at a time. Great success to you.

    • Thank you for such a wonderful comment. One thing I don’t do is sit around wasting time being envious. I agree it is a wasted emotion, though its a normal one as long as its not consuming. When I see the accomplishments of others its motivation for me to get going. I also realize many people who are putting out two, three, and four works a year don’t hold my schedule. My own personal reality is that I’m busy working full-time, overtime, long hours as a nurse and taking a full-time bachelor’s program while being a single mom. I’m grateful to get out a book a year, but know if I was independently wealthy or retired I’d be putting out two to three a year. Still, every once in a while I can’t help but feel a little tug when I see others reporting their newest book this year. But that also has to do with my competitive side. It tool me thirty years to get the courage to publish my first book, now its all I want to do.

      • Sometimes that’s all it takes for some. You know that is what you got. It’s a great thing to know and learn from your limits. I learned too that not many are as happy as they seem for their accomplishments. I can see this often on television. It’s all over the place. Success comes with a price. It’s always a great pleasure to learn that I’m not missing out on much when I watch television. I wouldn’t want the lives of others. Sometimes it’s so spooky. This is why I write for the joy of it. At first I thought maybe I could be a success and find fortune and fame. Then I thought I want it to be as privately as I can. Another thing I am encountering is the negative reviews. Those are really a killer, but since I’m never going to use them to propel my writing career they don’t matter. Some people left nice ones, but in my profiles I tell people I don’t use the reviews. They are useless to me.I don’t know how many authors feel this way. I learned after a few years that I see things very differently. I just enjoy writing. Another thing I learned about other authors is that they get upset about reviews a lot and I see that in many forums now. I never knew this before. It looks like behind every book there is something else. There is more to becoming a writer. I did my research. It’s really a trip.

      • Love your response on negative reviews. That was the paralyzing fear that kept me from publishing. Once i got through a few bad reviews it got easier. And once I could step back and put my emotions aside, I was able to learn from them. Negative reviews made me a better writer.

      • Just think of it this way. You’re a special person. You’re a mother, a nurse, a writer. This makes you a very unique person. If others can’t see this I don’t know what is wrong with them. Then again not many appreciate things in the world. I’m one of the few that always find the beauty in everything. It’s always a pleasure to find people that have all of these important things in their lives and still manage to do things they like to do. It’s good to keep a balance. I admire your life. Not many can do that. Some go crazy they go into other things to cope. Your choice of coping is writing and that’s very beautiful. Congratulations. You will have an impact on the world and you just don’t know it yet. Just yesterday I was watching a show of a senator she is a mother and still managed to do other things and she is an author as well. You will join our group of people. You can do it. You’re doing the right thing.

      • 🙂 Thank you. Encouragement is always welcome.

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