Is Solitary Confinement Really a Punishment for a Writer?

Taking lessons from life and turning it into an epic tragedy, nitpicking people’s words or actions, people watching, and mindlessly (though not always purposely) wandering off into a make believe world at just one phrase someone speaking said, are all characteristics of a writer.

I’ve been accused of not listening, spacing out, and being aloof, but truth-be-told I’m not doing any of those. Okay, I may have spaced out in geometry, but in my defense it was right after lunch and that teacher had the heaviest Armenian accent I’ve ever heard. I can turn any beautiful story someone tells me into a major episodic horror. And I can take some horror story and twist it into a romance. Its all part of the job. So when a person speaks to me and I “space out” it should be taken as a compliment, that person just inspired my creative process and sent me on a trip to another place all together.

Sometimes I cry in my car, because at times my characters have such deep rooted emotional issues that I feel for their story. At times I laugh, because they have wit and I get the inside jokes. Of course, when I’m sitting at work and break into tears or laughter it can be awkward. These days if I say, “Don’t worry, just talking to the voices in my head,” my coworkers will nod and smile, though I’m not ruling out that they are keeping tabs for my psychological eval.a2

One day a friend said I’m going to get locked up in the nut house, because only a true friend would be that honest. She said I’d get solitary confinement, and that would probably be the worst.
My reply, “Is solitary confinement really a punishment for a writer? If they put me in solitary confinement…the joke would be on them.”
I am never alone!

Tania L Ramos, RN and Author
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