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By now most everyone has heard of the ALS ice bucket challenge. I’ve heard many people say they are kind of tired of hearing about it, reading about it, and seeing the videos. I understand. But has it helped? According to some records the contributions to ALS last year were about $2 million. This year it is at about $100 million (according to articles).
I was so grateful to see all of this support. Why? Because it has been near and dear to my heart since I first encountered a woman at work who had this disease. She was true inspiration. I left this subject alone and encouraged people to contribute to ALS rather than change the charity to donate to, as many people did. But what irked me after awhile is that my friends and family were posting that they had never heard of this disease, and they would read up on it more since it was brought to light.
Why did this bother me? Quite simply, because these people all read my book and more than 90% left reviews on the book “Be Still,” and I’m thinking, “Hello?” Be Still was published in 2012, long before the ALS ice bucket challenge. It was what little I could do to shed light on this over looked disease. What is ALS? It is Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and now most of you have heard of that. As my family and friends said (when I pointed that out), “Oh. I had no clue.”
ALS is no joke. My fictional character, Jack Silver, died from this disease, and truth-be-told, I cried through so many of those scenes with him. So yeah, the ALS ice bucket challenge has raised awareness, and now many people know what it is, so I watch the videos every time they are posted. My book, the story of Jack Silver, touched many hearts, but not nearly as many as one simple little bucket of ice water did. Here’s to all the ways that awareness has been raised.
Be Still is available in most ebook formats, softcover, and hard back. I was never challenged, and I’m not asking to be, but my contribution to raise awareness is to donate 75% of my royalties from the sale of this book for all of 2014 back to ALS research.

Now Available

Now Available

Tania L Ramos, RN and Author who was inspired by the strength of a woman with ALS
75% of proceeds from Be Still during 2014 will be donated back to ALS research.
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2 responses to “My Contribution

  1. The Ice Bucket challenge has had way too much bad press – and I’m continually arguing that it has done more good than harm. You’ve told it true here.

    • That was a long blog! And boy was that just way too much thought on the topic. The ALS ice bucket challenge was a simple thing, not meant to cyber bully, it went viral and I’m not even sure they ever anticipated that. I watch the ALS sites closely, and they are highly underfunded. They do a walk for ALS and maybe get a few hundred walkers…compared to Cancer walks that get thousand over days. ALS is monopolizing? Maybe this year, but people will forget. People always forget. Besides, the challenge was to donate $10 if you did the challenge…most people who did probably weren’t or never did donate to a charity before. I’ve been telling people about ALS for two years, and the response was, “I never heard of ALS” when the ice challenge came out. So hoo rah for ALS for finally getting some attention! I’ll continue my part in donating my 75%…and the other 25% is being held only because I still have to pay taxes on the royalties, otherwise I’d donate it all.

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