Dolls! Get a Priest.

Taking a break from writing to concentrate on something bigger: Halloween. We just love Halloween, and by we I mean my kids and I. Its fun to decorate and think of new things every year, plus as an added bonus we get to be creative. Year after year we come up with a theme and run with it: zombies, scary movies, anything random we’ve done it. This year we deliberated and agreed on dolls.

Is it just us? Who isn’t spooked by dolls? Hang a bunch of dolls from a tree with a hundred dollar bill in the middle of them all and I might just walk the other way. So its dolls. Barbie dolls, classic dolls, big dolls, little dolls, ugly dolls, and those freaky china dolls with the blinky eyes, but one is always half open.  Ugh. Of course we can’t buy them right away…this was agreed upon. We will make a doll run the day before, and all dolls must be inventoried, and they must have a bell tied to their feet, and they must be blessed…and dipped in holy water. The day after Halloween all dolls must be sent away…after we check and double check, with strict accuracy, the inventory matches the day before. No dolls lefts behind. Oh Lord, NO DOLLS LEFT BEHIND.

a6Um, okay…back to writing. Yes. I will write about a beautiful, happy world, with rainbows and unicorns. Aah, unicorns and dollies.    Dollies that eat unicorns!                   So it begins.

Tania L Ramos, RN and Author….did that doll blink?

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