Chaos Factor; We Might Survive

We always said my daughter would be a lawyer, because she loves to argue her point. I also assumed she would write, because she has a brilliant imagination. But after spending an entire day alone with her at Knott’s Berry Farm, I realized she will be a chaotician. This, if you recall, was Jeff Goldbloom’s career in Jurassic Park. It is the study of chaos: how unpredictable things can be.

A seven year old chaotician in a theme park:

Jorja: Um, there’s water leaking from that ride and we are standing under it. If the wood breaks from mold we can be crushed. Or the wood can splinter and impale us. If we are on the ride when it breaks we can fly off. Even if we don’t fly off, the log can flip over and crush us to death. Or it can flip in the water and we might drown. We might survive though, but there is a possibility we will be brain dead. Someone might do CPR, but he might have a weird disease, then we’re brain dead and diseased.

Me; Well, the thrill factor on this ride just jumped ten notches.

Of course there is a small group of Girl Scouts in line behind us with their jaws on the floor. One woman is looking at me like I’m the maniac here, and I’m thinking in my head, “yes ladies, my seven year old did just scared the cookies outta your girls. Bet you don’t have a badge for that?”


Tania L Ramos, RN and Author (who’s daughter is scary smart sometimes)
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