Has it Been that Long

Okay, so I wrote out this huge post and my computer did something awful. Next book: When Good Computers Go Bad! So where have I been? In a place where free time no longer exists.

I started my Bachelor’s program in nursing through GCU. It is a rigorous thirteen month course that has occupied every last bit of free time I have had, and has even snuck into my not so free time. By this time next year, and $16k in debt, I will have a BSN and a government loan. Exciting, yes I know.

Any time for writing has been shot out the window, and the rantings of characters has been quickly drowned out by rantings of health care essays and deadlines. But I need some sanity, and the characters of Life by Chance started invading my brain even through medical papers. They were tired of being on the electronic shelf; tired of the promise of fruition; and tired of being unheard.

Blackbird Press and I had gone round and round on publishing prospects. I looked at some indie presses, but most either worked only in press or only in e-books. Some weren’t a right fit, others made me nervous, and still others didn’t offer the variety I desired. We talked about sending out queries to agents, but my time was already being strangled. It looked Life by Chance might spend another bout “shelved.” Then I received an email that Iuniverse was having a 50% off sale, and I thought about it.

On June 30th, the last day of the sale, I made the call and chose to go with Iuniverse. I used them for Be Still so I’m familiar with the process; I know what is important and what isn’t. Of course my only complaint is the low royalty payout and the timeliness of the payout, but all-in-all it isn’t breaking the bank. My spirit is renewed! Yay. If all goes well, Life by Chance should be out by the holidays.

While I haven’t spent much time promoting the book these past few months, except in blurbs on social media, the artist has been promoting the art work. “Life by Chance” has been accepted into several mainstream contests, and was displayed at an art show in Hollywood, CA. It is currently a submission in the Bombay Sapphire art contest, and has received honorable mentions in other events.

Tania L Ramos, RN and author

"Life by Chance" Artist: Mariano Daniel

“Life by Chance” Artist: Mariano Daniel


5 responses to “Has it Been that Long

  1. Congrats on the new book 🙂 iUniverse does have some issues, but they also produce a high quality end product, so I think it all balances out! Looking forward to reading Life By Chance — and, of course, LOVE the cover art. Did you end up going with an iUniverse editor, or someone else?

    • I’m working with a private editor this time, just waiting for my critique to come back. Should be any day now. I just don’t have the time to do all the work of true self-publishing.

      • Hey, fair enough. I’ve started the process for my sequel, and it’s SO time consuming. Finding a cover designer, doing all the editing yourself, rounds and rounds of beta readers … I’m starting to get jealous of you, so I’m going to stop listing all the stuff I still have to do, lol.

      • The beta readers part was hard. Get about dozen to commit but only a few come through, and they do trickle in like molasses. If I had the time to get it done on my own, I would. I did the Surviving the Writing Apocalypse on my own, and after the cost of hiring editors, cover designers, and then doing the upload…boy I was exhausted and broke. I chose Iuniverse when the packages were half off for Life by Chance, plus I knew what I did and didn’t need, so I didn’t need the fancy pants one. Basic premier, cost $999 w/discount. I just needed the book formatted, a cover (which again we pretty much did on our own), and have it sent to all the right places. The rest is up to my staff of one to promote promote promote. That’s where it all counts, right? And by the way, HURRY UP ALREADY! I gotta see what happens in Chasing Nonconformity. No pressure…but yeah, there kinda is. 😀

      • Ack, sorry!!! I’ve got next week off, so I’m going to try to finish up this round of edits and get it off to beta readers. Although, like you said, it’s a matter of finding beta readers who will both A) commit to reading, and B) actually read it all the way through. Hmmm …

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