Finding a Muse: Contest

Most of my characters are very clear to me before I ever start to write them. I take a little bit of something from every where and every one I know and concoct a new person. Its a bit of a mad scientist, Frankenstein process but works very well for me. Sometimes, after already having written my character out, I may see someone on television, the news, or someone I already know and think, “Hey, that’s my character!” It’s always nice to put a real face on a fictional character–at least for me.

In a previous post about Guns & Lightsabers, I gave an excerpt of a conversation between Huck and Maggie. To this day, I have all of my ducks in a row for each character in the book Blackbirds; there is a bio of their physical appearance, and I can see them plain as day. All except for Huck. I’ve been writing him but avoiding anything physical because he isn’t in my head yet. This character is very important me, as are most of my lead male characters, because I tend to enjoy writing in the point of view of men. Maybe its just me, but I find it fascinating to write men more than women.

Huck’s Bio:
Mid to late 30’s, tall and rugged, has piercing eyes that can be spotted a mile away. Witnessed something in his youth that set him off on a road of anger and rage, until he met Jenny. That romance and marriage was short lived when Jenny passed away suddenly. Huck was then infuriated at life, family, God, and anything else that crossed his path. He’s filled with sarcasm, cynicism, and believes he still sees and can talk to his dead wife…he thinks he’s gone crazy. Then a young woman (16 yrs old), just about as broken as him and matching his wit, sarcasm, and stubborness enters his life. She has nothing to give and he has nothing to offer, but they find a way, and his rugged exterior is peeled away a little at a time, until he goes into an all out rage when he discovers her secret. Huck is the epitome of country strong, stubborn, and at times a real ass…but he has a heart, especially for Maggie.

That is my character without a face. A complex man, as most characters are–as most people are. But I was watching a program on television the other night and saw this face, and my world lit up. I had my daughter and shouted to her, “That’s him. That’s him. That’s my character, Huck.” She was very happy, because she said one day she will sing for him and he’ll turn around. So here he is, my new muse for Charles “Huck” Roon. Drum roll please…


The first five people to respond and tell me who this is will receive a free copy of my last book, “Be Still,” via Nook or Kindle download.

Tania L Ramos, RN and Author with a Muse

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7 responses to “Finding a Muse: Contest

  1. The piercing eyes, the rugged look, … perfect. I could even see Blake Sheldon acting broken. I personally think you have nailed it.

    Do you have a real life muse for each of your characters? As in, you model their entire physical existence after someone you can see in real life?

    I pull characteristics from people for SOME of my chars, but I have a couple of characters in my book who I don’t have any real life connections too.

    Just wondering. I find it interesting to see how other authors work.

    • I don’t usually have a “real” person I mimic my characters after. I just start writing, but sometimes once I get a real feel for their personality, their appearance changes completely and I find myself going back to “update” their physical traits. And every now and again I’ll be watching a movie and i’ll just know that actress/actor would be perfect as my character. Sometimes, I never find the “real” person who is my character. In Be Still, after I wrote the book, I knew the perfect people for my characters, but in my current book (in editing), I haven’t come across anyone who fits the profiles. I posted pics of my perfect actors for Be Still on Pinterest. Most people who read the book said they could see these actors as the characters, and some gave a few back up choices.

      • I’ll hunt you up on pinterest (which won’t be hard. All I have to do is clickie the linkie )

        There have been times I’ve looked at a character and said… oh that is X in the book. The other day my daughter and I were watching a show and she pointed at a character and said. “Mom” THAT is OWEN. I looked at her, froze the show, and she was dead right. Then I see Bill Nighly as another one of my characters in my head, and the daughter doesn’t see it at all, but that is probably because she never saw him as Viktor in Underworld. (Though he is one of my favorite actors. )

        Sorry. I’m rambling.

      • Oh, no. I completely understand. I was watching Crazy, Stupid, Love with my boyfriend and shouted out, “That’s Dr. Chris!” He just laughed because he knew what I was talking about. I’m always excited when I find my characters out there, because when I am writing it is like watching a movie, so I can always imagine every book as the next big major motion picture. I’m always looking for my dream cast. LOL

      • I think to an extent every writer see’s their book as a movie. I certainly do. If you can’t see it in your head how are you going to describe it so your reader can see it in their head?

        As for the perfect cast… I would be hard pressed to find my Megan or my CJ (the two main characters). Though I’m not saying that it I can’t find them, I just haven’t seen them yet.

    • By the way, since you did answer it correctly, would you like a copy of the book Be Still? send me an email to if you would, and tell me if you’d like Nook or Kindle and I’ll send the link to you.

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