Glitches in the System

Section One of the young writer’s online program is under way. We have nine great people in the class from high school students to parents. I’ve offered the first section as free because I knew there would be some glitches in the system.


#1 FB won’t upload the PowerPoint

#2 Converting a PowerPoint to video feed isn’t as easy as it seems

#3 When buying new techy new equipment, I have to have the best. More money spent than anticipated

All-in-all this has been a great learning experience for me. I’d like to thank YouTube for having all the videos I needed to get my first section up and running, and to show me how to get the distortion out of the background when recording (next time). We are approaching week two of the program and I’m excited. For a free sneak peek into section one watch the video. This will most likely be the longest lesson, everything after this is cake.

For more info:


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