Live Bat in Your House Kind of Day

Ever have a really bad day and think it just can’t get worse than this? I had that week. Suckish paycheck. Two week headache with sinus pressure. Sick kid. I start feeling sick. Writer’s block on top of editing. All thrown into one big giant migraine salad sprinkled with a cancelled trip to Tampa.

Could it get worse? I heard meowing at my room door. Not the typical, “hey let me in, I need to be scratched,” meow (yes, I know the various meows). This was the one, “Hey, let me in because I have a surprise for you,” meow. This could be good or bad. I take that back, it could be mediocre or, “Hey, look momma–I caught a live bat and let it loose in your house,” kind of bad.

I ignored the first meows and realized she had gone away. Five minutes later she was at my door with the same noise. Realizing there could be a shrine of carcasses at my door, piling up, I decide to go see the fuss. Could it get worse? At the door, looking rather curious and harmless, was my cat with her tauntings: a pencil and a guitar tuner.

I have writer’s block and my cat wants to write music. Figures! Well, when life gives you lemons, you get your musically inclined cat and start a band called Kitty and the Lemonade Stand. Could it get any worse? It could, but after writing our hit single The Dog Ate my Cat Food, I felt surprisingly better. Time to get writing.

guitar cat
Tania L Ramos, RN and Author Singing Backup

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One response to “Live Bat in Your House Kind of Day

  1. It always turns out for your good just believe and enjoy the journey.

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