Why Would He Kill His Son?

I’ve been talking with a few other authors about the Young Writers Online Program. We went back and forth with questions and answers about a starting age, and just how much a young person of, say 13 years old, can create. I’m proud to say my six year old daughter put all my fears to rest tonight.

We were watching the book trailer for Be Still. Usually, she doesn’t like watching it because the music scares her, but this time she asked me to play it so she can see it. She read the words, because … well … she’s kind of a genius (yep, biased). When it was over she said this, “Why didn’t the dad just kill his son?”

And of course I’m like, “What?” My eyes kind of bulging and scooting a bit away to create some distance between my prodigy child and I. “Why would he kill his son?” I asked from across the room, sans crucifix, silver bullet, or priest.

She answered, “I know he loves his son, but he misses his wife and daughter. Well if the wife and daughter are dead and the father is dying, he can kill his son, and then they can all live together in heaven. Or the place that you put his dad with the magic and stuff. You know, so they can all be happy.  And a family.” (on a side note, my daughter has sat through the reading of several chapters, and questions all of it.)

Not that I was looking for an alternate solution to the enigma of my story plot, but that kid kind of made sense–in a twisted, sleep with one eye open, and hide the knives kind of way. Ah, just a chip off the ol’ block.

In answer to the question: Can a 13 year old come up with good material? I don’t know. But I’m certain they can definitely come up with some great alternate endings. 🙂

jorja rayne

This is what a beautiful mind looks like


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4 responses to “Why Would He Kill His Son?

  1. Were’t you like 10 when you wrote your first spooky story.

  2. Haha oh man, I can just picture your expression when she dropped that idea on you. And the best part is that it’s just the wonderfully imaginative mind of a child at work, using their understanding of the rules of the world you’ve created to figure out the best ending. The thing she forgets is that if the dad does kill his son so they can be together, the dad is probably on a one-way trip to hell, which … kind of messes up their “happily ever after as a family” plan 🙂

    • I thought about that later that night … while trying to sleep with one eye open. Maybe we shall have that rousing discussion tonight when things wind down. I’d love hear just how she’ll get them out of that one. 😉

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