Video Interview Surprise

A few days ago a had a very low point in my life. Not the lowest, but one that had me on the blue end of the color spectrum. As I’ve said recently, I haven’t done a whole lot of marketing these past few months. I’ve been in a slump. The worst came when I wasn’t able to take a business trip to Tampa, FL next week. Someone told me to use a credit card, but I’ve resolved not to use credit any more. I chose to stick by my guns, but felt very much like the old adage of the good guy never wins.

No Tampa for me. Life looked glum. But at least I stuck to my guns.

In the process, I had one of the best blogging and Facebook days I’ve had. I finished editing Life by Chance and sent it in for my first round of professional editing. Then I received an email by Iuniverse, and figured it was some kind of marketing or promotion add on request. First let me say this: I rarely received any kind of add on requests from them. Not much in the way of trying to sell me more services. So I opened this email to a wonderful surprise: they asked to do a professional video interview with me that will play on their website and medias, and can be posted to mine . . . completely at their expense.

My spirits are renewed, and I feel that by sticking to my guns maybe this good guy (girl) did win. Excited! Time to act normal . . .

Tania L Ramos, RN and Author Awaiting an Interview
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