Contest for Readers

It’s 2014 and I’ve decided I haven’t done enough to promote my book. This year, I will be coming out with Life by Chance and it is high time I kick my shameless plugs back into high gear. To do this I am offering this wonderful promotion to readers, writers, and anyone who loves to join contests.

All you have to do is read Be Still by Tania L Ramos and leave a review on either Barnes & Noble or to enter. Then visit my FB page and leave a message with your name and email along with a copy of the review. You will not be added to any email list! This is only for the purpose of notifying the winner.

What do you win?
* $20+ gift card to Amazon or Barnes & Noble
* Signed Be Still book

Who can enter?
Any resident of the U.S. or Canada
Where can you get full details?

You want links? I’ve got them
Amazon                           Barnes & Noble               Nook            Kindle

be still contest


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