Downloading Lined Paper

Three stories: One writer

That is my current story to writer ratio. I’ve watched a few episodes of Dr. Who, Quantum Leap, and Big Bang Theory, but none have given me the resources to actively clone myself. Bummer! Guess I have to fall back on that pitiful standby of–dare I say–time management. Eck. Eck. Sorry, just vomited in my mouth little.

So, on my journey to split the personalities in my head, I went with a bold and creative avenue. Cheating at work! Most the time when I have some downtime, I read books on my Nook or Kindle app, but since I’m trying to organize the voices, it became clear time management meant managing every bit of free time.

There I was, sitting at my computer when I had this epiphany. I started to write on the back of my work schedule, but as it turns out I’m a sideways writer. About a 45 degree angle slope off toward the lower right corner of the page as it is. So as I wrote, the angle grew smaller and smaller until I was able to get about three words into the tiny triangle at the lower left hand area of the page. I call it freeform sentencing.

When I came home, I rummaged through every notebook–college and wide ruled–I had, but they weren’t quite fitting the bill. I tend to write script very tiny, but college ruled was too tiny, while wide ruled didn’t fare much better. Enter the “thank you Google,” that erupted from my lips when I found a great template of lined paper that was just the right size. I felt like Goldilocks and finally went to sleep.

Te following day when I found free time at work, I pulled out my printed off lined paper and started to write the story of half the personalities in my head. The script wrote itself, and I was able to pocket my thoughts with ease. Two pages in and already people are dying, kittens are mewing, a raven is having a bad wing day, and the laundry is piled up…yeah, my inspiration came from a sad country song. It only gets worse, and the voices only got louder. So much for appeasing the madness with sacrificial lined paper templates. Oye!

Oh, and on another mile high realization into the terrifying dimension of time management I am hit with this question from a fellow nurse, “How long will it take you to type it up from paper?”

Damn! Way to create extra work Tania. Way to create extra work! Next time I decide to micromanage the voices I’ll tell them to take a number and serve them some wine and pie.

Enjoy the vocal muse for this heart breaking story written on downloaded lined paper.

Tania L Ramos, RN and Author way out of ratio

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