One Thing At A Time

You know what’s exciting? Me either, I was actually fishing for suggestions. Its been awhile since I lasted posted and trust me the initial withdraws were pretty vicious. I’m stuck in pretty much the same dilemma i’ve been in: lack of time. Either i’m at work in the hospital or busy trying to build my new business. I’ve said it time and time again: i’m destined to be my own boss.

So given the opportunity to be able to open up the manuscript I wrote earlier this year, I found myself not wanting too. Sadly, I barely recall the names of my characters that I loved so dearly for nearly a year. It’s difficult to edit something that has been displaced from your brain.  The only real way I can tackle this is to read it again and then edit. Damn, the thought was just exhausting, especially considering that I may not really get the time to read it all the way through. It’s like planning for a trip you’ll never go on.

Here I am again. Staring blankly at a computer screen, realizing I need to locate my long lost reading glasses, and hoping I can find the strength to open a file titled, “Life by Chance.” Heck, the cover has been the center of several art contests so the name is being put out there…at least in the world of art. Maybe I can muster up the strength to get this one out, though mustering up the finances is another issue. One problem at a time.

Signing off for now. I’m going to hit that file button and see where it leads me…right after a hot fudge sundae.

Tania L Ramos, RN Author at large


3 responses to “One Thing At A Time

  1. When I was done and kind of tired of my own manuscript it helped me to have a couple close friends read it and give me feedback. That sort of re-energized me around it because they saw things I didn’t in my own manuscript.

  2. I totally understand where you are coming from. I had the same problem recently. I am writing a diary/book about my daughter’s brain surgery this summer and I had ti put it aside so I could finish a baby blanket for a friend. Getting back to my writing has been a chore, but my plan is to put aside Friday nights to write. That way I have Saturday to sleep in late. Good luck! I find rereading your work helps you get motivated into writing more. Sincerely, JoAnn

  3. I also struggle with finding free time! I don’t have a solution, sadly, but I do think that if you re-read your manuscript, you’ll have no trouble re-connecting with your characters 🙂 What about putting it on your phone so you can read parts of it during your breaks at work?

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