Double Duty Trip: Seattle,WA

Hello fellow bloggers, especially those in Seattle, WA. After several years of being cooped up with three hours of my home I am finally taking a wonderful weekend trip to Seattle.  It isn’t all fun and R&R though. I am headed out with Glenn to go to an It Works! convention. (For those catching up, I have taken to selling body wraps and health supplements as a means to pad my income and pay for editing).

We fly in early Thursday and pretty much have the day to ourselves to roam about freely. We aren’t renting a car so this will be interesting. Either we learn to ride the rails, the bus, or we walk everywhere.  I’ve been told that everything is relatively local to us, so that is a bonus.

Friday we have convention late the evening, so we will find ourselves some mischief during the day.  Saturday is all day convention, then Sunday morning we fly home.  So this is a double trip for me: I look forward to convention and getting energized and ready to wrap the world into skinniness, but I’m also excited to tote my book around the city and leave it at random places to be found. I’m thinking a scavenger hunt is in order. Either way, it’s a tax write off!!!! Weeeeee!

If you’re in the downtown/convention center area let me know. Maybe we can grab some tea or you can suggest some places we must go to.  We are really just winging it and hoping we don’t get lost. Pics to follow.

Tania L Ramos, Author, Pacific Coast Traveler, Mischief seeker


2 responses to “Double Duty Trip: Seattle,WA

  1. If you’re downtown, you should consider riding the ferry to Bainbridge and back. You’ll have to pay one way, but if you’ve never done it before it’s kind of nice. Ideally you’d want to head back toward Seattle at dusk when the sky turns a gorgeous shade of blue and the lights come on.

    Downtown is fairly walkable, and of course it depends what you consider a good walk. During the day, Freeway Park is nice. If you catch a bus to Capitol Hill, the Volunteer Park Dahlia Garden is free and pretty.

    The best Indian food on the west coast is in Queen Anne, at a place called Roti.

    Most people like Pike’s Place. The flowers and the fish are famous, the fruit and berries are deliciously ripe, etc.

    If you like crack cocaine, there’s always Pioneer Square…!

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