Dream Boards. Go Big!

Ever hear of a dream board? It’s basically a poster board or piece of paper, even a napkin, that you use to jot down your dreams.  The premise is that you can say what you want in life, but when you can actually see it it becomes easier to achieve it.  This is why you hang that bikini by the fridge, or post a picture of the dream car on the bathroom mirror, or fill a jar with change that has a picture of a purse you’ve been eyeballing.

I’ve taken many classes over the years, but psychology has been one of my favorites.  In one particular course we discussed how to train the mind for reason of learning.  It went something like, explain, show a picture, explain, hands on training, explain.  The brain retains more when there are visuals because it has something to identify and relate with. On a side note, you also learn better in a cold environment.

Think of this: You want to get fit and trim for the summer but you are a binge eater, midnight snacker, or eat out of boredom.  Would it be easier to curb a trip to open the fridge if you just kept repeating, “beach body. Beach body,” or if you had several pics of the body goal you want on the fridge while chanting your goal? Odds are, the visual and chanting would be most helpful. As humans, we like tangible things that we can see.

My upline with my part-time job for It Works! had us create a dream board. Many just used a sheet of poster paper, but I went out and got the whole shebang to do this up right. Go BIG or go home! Dream big or don’t dream at all.  After all, you can dream as big as you want, and you better believe that New York Times Best Selling Author is on that dream board.  I also purchased a set of poster board lights to light up my dreams . . . the future is bright.

If you believe it, you can achieve it! It you say it, you are one step closer.  It you can see it, you will work harder toward it.  Believe, say, see! It’s quite a simple formula that works with almost anything; including writing a book.

What is on your dream board?

Tania L Ramos, Author, Getting Skinnier by the day, Dreaming big

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2 responses to “Dream Boards. Go Big!

  1. It has been proven that at best we remember
    10% of what we hear
    50% of what we hear and see
    90% of what we hear, see and do
    TCE 1 Student Manual

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