I’m Featured!

Through all the social media piles of ads and production, I have been blessed to encounter several amazing people, authors, musicians, and artists. One woman I met across the Facebook platform is CJ Peterson who is an author but also a lover of authors.  Is there a difference? Absolutely.

I have come across authors who are only in it for themselves.  They have the blase attitude of, “What can you do for me?” These people usually turn me off in an instant.  But there are those like CJ Peterson who also love to  show off and help elevate other indies out there.  What a beautiful soul, in my opinion.

A few months ago CJ asked if she can feature me as an author on her page, and of course I was giddy with excitement. I’m not sure if she understands just how excited some of us get at what others call these little things.  I do a happy dance and run out and tell my family anytime someone so much as asks if i’ll tell them if I liked using Iuniverse.  These little things bring me such joy and happiness because two years nobody knew my name, let alone asked me for an interview.  In my eyes, and my overactive imagination, any interview makes me feel like a rock star.  Seriously, I put on my rock star glasses and a pretty pink boa while sipping my green tea pinky up, while writing my responses.  SUPERSTAR!

Well CJ made me her August Featured Author, complete with interview, book links, book covers, book synapse, and author info. That’s a lot of work to do, especially when doing it for someone else’s benefit. Like I said, a beautiful soul.  Oh, and I was SUPERSTAR for an entire month! So thank you CJ Peterson for noticing this little shiny fish that swam against the current and took time to ask me why.  You filled my glass when it was beginning to run on empty.

So please blow up her website with hits, and while you’re there read the interview. I’m sort of an interesting person at times 🙂


And to pay it forward on my part, please go like these other wonderful authors who always show so much support for other authors.

Michelle Proulx: FB

CJ Peterson: Website  FB

Kimberly Biller: FB

Blackbird LSD: FB



2 responses to “I’m Featured!

  1. Love the interview! I’m so glad your doctor understood what you were going through and gave you that time off — it certainly seems to have done the job 🙂 And thanks for mentioning me! Did I ever mention that you’re the first author I met and befriended on WordPress? True story 🙂 Here’s hoping that author feature generates lots of page views and interest in your excellent writing!

    • Because I haven’t actively marketed this summer, my ranking have took a big drop, but this month they went up as far as hits to the websites. My sales went up the day my daughter forced our bookmarks into everyone’s hand. Once Autumn hits, I’m hitting the marketing and editing scene again.

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