Publishing Fundraiser, Healthy You

People keep asking why I haven’t lit a fire under publishing my next book, “Life by Chance” and the answer is simple: First, my betas haven’t finished reading it (save for one), and second, I don’t have the finances to get quality editing services and publish just yet.  I stand my ground that I will not use KDP exclusively, and since using them for one book, I can say that I was only okay with the services.  However, many people at work did ask if it was on Kindle or iBook and so I lost some customers there. And yes, I did tell them to download the app.

So, I will likely use Blue Harvest Creative’s services again to set-up my book for Lightning Source and also create the files to do a direct upload to Nook, Kindle, Ibook, Sony Reader, and Kobo. It’s more time consuming, but I’ve waited this long . . .

On to the fundraiser part–As many of you know, I am an independent distributor for It Works, a company working in body contouring products such as body wraps and firming gels, as well as diet and nutritional supplements such as Fat Fighters, ThermoFit, and Greens. We also have a line of lotions such as stretchmark cream and under eyes creams as well as face firming wraps that decrease the appearance of wrinkles.

The why’s: Well, I need to publish my book because it haunts me on a daily basis. DAILY! Also, I want to get my business off the ground so I can work less at the hospital and commit to writing more. My career is crushing my dreams.  This fundraiser helps in many ways, but the biggest part is that I really want to get this book going.

Now, as to not be the biggest most selfish person on earth, I am also participating in It Works Gives Back, which is my company’s program where indep. distributors donate a portion of their sales during a specific time to give to a charity of their choice.  The money is to be given on Sept. 7th to the charity.  My chosen charity is CEF of the High Desert.  $5 from each wrap sold, and 5% from all other direct sales will go to CEF High Desert to fund a prominent after school program locally.

How can you participate? Two ways: If you are in Southern CA you can come on down to the actual Wrap Party Fundraiser on Tuesday and join in.  If you aren’t then you can watch the live video feed on Google+ Hangout (think it streams on YouTube as well) and ask questions and/or purchase from me or direct from my website.  My Facebook Event page has all the info with more to come.

Goals (because we all need them):

  1. Sell 25 wraps between now and Sept 7
  2. Get five new distributors
  3. Donate over $100 to CEF of the High Desert
  4. Make enough in commission from now through October to pay for editing and files.
  5. Have fun!
  6. Fulfill dreams!
Sadly #1 is where I started and #4 is where I was a month later. It Works!

Sadly #1 is where I started and #4 is where I was a month later. It Works!

For more information on what the wraps do just visit my Facebook page at and look at my personal results shown to the left (also using Fat Fighters). That is actually me and the use of four wraps. I now have the energy and gumption to start making healthier and more positive lifestyle choices. You can too!

Facebook Event

Personal It Works Site



Tania L Ramos, Author and Walking Billboard that it does work.itworksID


The Video Below shows juts how Fat Fighters Work: There is Canola Cooking Oil floating at the top of a glass of water.  We broke one Fat Fighter pill down to a powder and poured it over the oil and water.  The powder coated the fat and dropped it to the bottom where it would then pass through normal digestion, hence part of the fat is not absorbed and stored in your body. Bonus: the carb inhibitors also keep part of the carb uptake down . . .again, reduction in stored fat.


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