I am Liquid!

As I sat watching my daughter play with a tiny puppy it occurred to me that I want to be a cat.

Similarities between a cat and dog:

  • four legs
  • tail
  • fur
  • whiskers
  • keen hearing/sight

Differences between a cat and dog:

  • Cats land on all fours
  • Cats are self-reliant
  • Cats can climb trees
  • You need the affection of a cat more than it needs you

cat_sequence_of_falling_cat_644917I’m sure the list between the two go on and dog lovers will surely protest, but I stand resolved in my decision to be a cat when I grow up.  As my daughter tossed this small puppy onto a bed, the dog flopped and went butt over head then did some gymnastic type twist, again flopping until gaining its bearings.  In my mind I went back to a time of a woman tossing cats out a second story window (that’s another story), but every single cat landed on its feet. To further my point, I took my cat and gave it a small toss onto the bed the same as my daughter did with the dog.  There was no disgraceful gymnastic belly flop.  No. The cat landed on its feet and then curled into a ball and proceeded to ignore me.

I want to be a cat!!! I want to land on my feet and be so elegant as to just lick my paw and then ignore whatever it is that caused me to fall in the first place.  Why? Because I can.  I’m a cat! I don’t care what the obstacle was or is. I don’t have to sit and wait for instructions, I can just pussyfoot over the obstacle and then take a nap on top of it. Why? Because it isn’t an obstacle to the agile cat.

I want to be a cat!!! I want to know that come hell or high water, I can fend for myself.  I don’t need someone to bark directions at me, if I want to come I’ll come, and if I want to scamper away in the opposite direction then I’ll do that too.  I can walk halfway to a destination and change my mind, because that is my prerogative–because I am a cat.

If I want to be petted and held, I will go seek it out or bite your hand until I get it. I don’t want to be messed with I’ll bite your hand until you get it. I am a cat! I make my own rules. I forge my own path. I land on my feet.  I nap when the world around me is in chaos. I ignore idle banter and let out a bored and annoyed yawn. I am determined. I am a hunter. And I can fill any situation, because cats are liquid!


Tania L Ramos, Author in crisis right meow, Cat in training




2 responses to “I am Liquid!

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  2. The white and gray cats at the bottom will make a nice center piece. Love it.

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