Branding by Book Cover

Daniel (Blackbird LSD) and I have decided to change-up the typical cover for my book.  No stock photos, no beautiful scenery, and definitely no models.  By the way, one Facebook survey asked the question how can you tell an indie book just by looking at the cover? The whopping response was that they have models on the cover.

So, to veer from the path we decided to go with a different concept: watercolor! One person has been commissioned to work on this concept, but it has been weeks since I heard from this artist . . . so, I’ve commissioned a new artist.  And you may be surprised as to who it is? Daniel Mariano, the brains behind Blackbird LSD and my great friend.  I always knew he was talented, but I’m super impressed by this work.


For the book Life by Chance (official title), this is artist rendition #2 for the cover art.  It is not complete, but I love where it is headed.  All my future fiction novels will have this kind of cover which will be my brand.  My hope is that if you were to come across a cover like this it wold be synonymous with a Tania L Ramos book.

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7 responses to “Branding by Book Cover

  1. That is a beautiful cover. And I agree that a lot of self-published books have a certain sameness to their covers. I pretty much came to the same conclusion about branding, I used a start black and white photo of my hands for the cover of my first novel, and deliberately set out to use the same design philosophy for my second.

  2. It will make a beautiful cover for your book. It will grab peoples attention-it did mine.

  3. Gorgeous! Daniel painted that??? He’s mad talented!!!

  4. Michelle Rene Goodhew


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