Linear Thinking

I’ve posted about some of the fun and whacky conversations I’ve had with my oldest son, Dasan (pronounced Day-sun), but this one was way more fun than the difference between assassination and murder.  Why? Because this is more geek science based, and we love our geek theories. Oh, we have so many.

So, we all know or believe (or at least have thoughts) on how space is infinite, right? There is no beginning or end to space, just a wide spans of continuation into reaches we still do not know, and I still have a hard time comprehending.  Not that I don’t believe it goes on forever, it’s just that if you really stop to think about it, can you truly grasp forever and infinite?  In your mind does space and the galaxy end at some point?

Well, this was the discussion we had.  We tried to encompass infinity and all that it entailed.  We talked stars and solar systems, galaxies and planets.  You know, table talk! So when our truly nerdy hats with the propellers on top came in, we sat and really questioned the theory of space and infinity.  Turns out we came up with the exact same picture of space, and you know what? Space is completely linear!

Think about it.  You look at a picture of space and it is usually horizontal, right? Text books, television, the internet . . .  they are all horizontal pictures.  So when you close yours eyes and think about what space looks like does it fill the entire picture of your mind or is it a horizontal wide screen shot? The more we asked the more answers came back as linear? Is that because even maps of space are shown on roll out linear platforms. Heck, even a flat map of Earth is horizontal.  So do we as people think on the linear? Truth is, we have no idea if space is linear or has a definite end, but many people think of it that way.

So, in our mind blowing realization of a linear universe we decided that it was wise if we never started to use drugs.  Turns out, we are way to scary all on our own  🙂  Which needs to somehow tie into writing since that is what this blog is supposed to be about.  So the brilliant segue here is this: when you write a story do you have boundaries? Do you think outside of the linear world? This isn’t all reserved for the fun of sci-fi and fantasy, you can always find fun vertical solutions to very linear dilemmas too.  Happy writing.

A linear Universe

A linear Universe

Tania L Ramos, Author Thinking Beyond the Universe

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2 responses to “Linear Thinking

  1. This is all much to philosophical for me, lol. Umm … when I think of the universe, I think infinity. I mean, the universe is by definition everything in existence, isn’t it? And if the universe doesn’t stretch on forever, that means something’s containing it … which is even crazier than infinity!

  2. I agree with Michelle, infinity is easier to grasp than the idea that the vast universe is contained by something.

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