It’s Done Now What?

Many of you who follow the blog or any other of my various media sites are completely aware my book is complete.  It remains without title until something truly pops out at me, and also remains without a cover.  I’m not hurrying either one at this point; there is still plenty of time since I remain in editing for some indefinite period as life has a way of bombarding me with twenty other “due now” tasks. Ah, I know the back burner all too well . . .  and so the story without title remains on a nice simmer until I light a large flame under my . . .

As I sat on the couch at 2 a.m., deliriously staring at my associate, Daniel, working on an ad for Surviving the Writing Apocalypse (out soon in tradeback), I began to wonder, “Why am I awake at 2 a.m.? Do business meeting know no time frames?” Oh, because there is much to be done and I was busy watching Good Will Hunting, avoiding my duties.  If you ever suspect someone of procrastinating look no further, I am a suspect at large and my associate works best at 1 a.m., a bad combination.

Am I procrastinating the edit on my book? Nope. That’s too easy. I’ve all the time in the world for that one (out this Summer). I’m putting off something new; a thought lulling and slowly eating at my brain.  Oh, I remember when the stories came so quickly, and I used to write at least the first chapter when an idea would come.  Every idea was a possibility, but most never made it passed ten chapters and so I have a flash drive filled with ditched thoughts.

This book is done, now what? I’m at a loss. I feel my standards have been raised for what I will and will not write.  Each book has to be better than the last.  I’m on such a daily schedule of interviewing characters and telling them, “i’ll keep your resume on file,” yet haven’t found the one.  Scratch that. I have found the one, but know the cost of production would be insane as it would have to be printed in color and likely would never make an ereader format. This irks me, and so here I am: Sunday morning running on 5 hrs sleep on the couch, procrastinating, thinking of new characters and wondering if I’ve got another book in me?

Two characters are very antsy, sitting across from me with hands raised high, bouncing in anticipation, desperately wanting to be called on. Pick us. Pick us! And yet it is their story that frightens me.  I’ve said it before and I tell them again, “I don’t do indie teen drama! Go haunt someone else’s mind.” They smile, and I know they’re mocking me, because the answers to my question of it’s done, now what, are sitting across from me wearing Chucks, baggy jeans, hoodies, confident smiles  with wide doe eyes and hope.  I just don’t know about this one. I’m not certain, I can pull it off . . .







Tania L Ramos, Author Simmering on the Back Burner


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7 responses to “It’s Done Now What?

  1. If you sit around wondering if you can do it, you’ll never know if you can. Stop worrying about if you can pull it and just start writing it. 🙂

    • I know you’re right, but part of me is just so tiiiiired! Writing, being a full time mom, and having a full time career is just so exhausting. And I love writing, but I feel like I just can’t give it the time I would like to.

      • Believe me, I understand completely. I’m a full time mom to three, I have five dogs, chickens, dairy goats to milk twice a day, and hoof trimming and minerals to make sure they get.

        I also have butter, cheese, and yogurt to make with the milk, and when the garden is going i the summer I have tons of canning and preserving to do. Life never stops. 🙂

      • Yeah, well . . . no, I can’t compete with that! LOL. Oh wait, the cat vomited on my freshly washed sheets this morning. There’s just nothing like washing the sheets at 5am. You’re right, Life never stops, but it sure is a wild ride sometimes.

      • Ugh, cat vomit on the sheets. Why do they do that?

  2. A new book by Melissa Foster called Fostering Success: You’ve written a book, now what? Great resource.
    I adore your interaction with your characters. I’m on the couch with you on procrastination. You’re just far ahead of me; I tip my hat to you. Don’t beat yourself up. Knowing you, things will get done and in brilliant fashion.

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