Scene Setting vs Author Setting

Hello bloggers and good morning. Today I am coming to you from very warm and sunny Las Vegas.  I arrived yesterday to a wonderful resort with great staff, bedside view of the pool, cool room and piss poor internet service. Heh, can’t win them all.  besides, I’m here to write, not socialize–as if.

Last night, as I stared out my window and watched visitors play in the brightly lit pool, I wrote a scene set in a hospital.  This morning when I woke up, I opened the window curtains to the full and inviting sun and wrote about a woman sitting in a bleak, pitch black hospital room.

When my internet finally gave way to working (despite the cost of $9.95 a day for use), I caught up on some Facebook posts and looked up a song that has really set the pace for this current WIP. While watching this rather downtrodden and eye opening video, I again looked out my window.  Such an uplifting day.  It’s the kind of day that inspires me to think about getting life back in order.  The kind of day that makes you want to seize it! Ha ha! I can do this.  Heck, I want to run a marathon . . .

Okay, so you get it.  And yet, here I am, writing a dark indie novel about the ties that bind and sometime break us.  I’ve said before that I listen to music to create a mood, but it has occurred to me today that I don’t need that same setting to create ambiance in my book. I can just as easily write death and destruction from an awesome vantage point as well as I can write sunshine and rainbows from my dark closet.

Okay, here is the video I was speaking of.  Thompson Square “If I Didn’t Have You,” which pretty much sums up my book WIP. EXCEPT, this book isn’t about a romantic couple, it is about the struggle between a mother and son, with some Tania L Ramos twists and subjective fiction.

Tania L Ramos, Author With a Great View

Oh, look, there is the view from bed. Mmmmm, I love writing getaways!

hotel room


4 responses to “Scene Setting vs Author Setting

  1. Oh great! 😦 I am SO jealous! London is cold and grey and you’re in sunny Las Vegas! But you’re writing a story so you’re my friend then, because, I love writers… since I’m one too! Great post!!!

  2. Fantastic! I’d just be grateful somewhere without distractions at the moment, regardless of where. 😉

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