The New Voices: 3 a.m.

When I start nearing the end of a book, I clutch my chest and start bracing for the palpitations: do I have another story in me? I recall always having some story lined up, always having something to write, but since I started seriously writing it seems the brilliant award winning ideas have derailed into the vastness of my endless thoughts.

Do I have another story? This plagues me into insomnia. What if I never have another creative thought in my life? What if there is nothing beyond this? What if all i’ll ever be is a nurse who wrote a few things? Ugh, hello 3 a.m. and hopeless thoughts of being a has-been writer.


Alas, the clouds break and the rain goes away and smack dab near the end of writing this current book a new set of voices break through. Bad timing, I tell them . . . but hold that thought.  The longer it takes me to finish this book the louder the new voices get.  Hello 3 a.m.! Hello new characters that wake me from a dead sleep with their incessant muttering about art and music. Damn, their teenagers! Nooooooo, not a teenage book. You aren’t my genre, I tell them.

“Then why are you already creating a plot line?” She says.

Crap! I can’t escape this. I let her play out the beginning and end of the story, somewhere along the lines of teenage angst at a crossroads of you can never go home again, mixed with some synethesia (hearing words in color) and the cute ruffian kid rebelling against the machine and I tell her, “A cross between Juno, Lars and the Real Girl, and Scott Pilgrim Versus the World mixed in with some Blake Shelton music? 

She claps and jumps up and down with joy.  Obviously, I get it. *sigh*

“Bet you have a title?” I ask

” The Pretty Words,” she says

I think about the implication and how it ties in with hearing words in color.  Great, this is about as indie as it gets.  I give a reluctant nod.

She replies, “When can we get started?”




Tania L Ramos, Author Who Talks to Herself


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Be Still: It’s not your ordinary romance, the main character is in a coma


10 responses to “The New Voices: 3 a.m.

  1. Oh my god, someone else who’s brain works like me! I’m not alone!
    I have a few characters from about three different books waiting in line for me to tell their stories. I have one in particular that is getting very impatient. At one point in writing the next book of the my Dragon’s Call series, she speaks up and says that she wouldn’t have done something the way the character in the story did it. I had to remind her she wasn’t in this story and to go sit down, be quiet and wait her turn.

  2. I’m the opposite. I worry that I’ll never have the time in life to write all the stories in my head and I fear that the worry will push me to complete the current story faster and more incompletely than I want in my angst to get to the next great story. Guess what though, you’ll never just be a nurse who wrote a few things. Forever you can have the word author next to your name. Your books have made a little dent in the world. You’re forever reserved a little spot in the world’s virtual bookshelves. And besides, there’s no such thing as “just a nurse.”

    • I see how feeling overwhelmed for time could be an issue. The great thing about writing is there is no true retirement age and you can do it until your last breath.
      Thank you for the nice words of encouragement. By the way, the only reason I say I will “just” be a nurse is because it feels secondary to my true passion. Shadowed by the burning flame of writing, nursing becomes “just nursing.” A great job, but not the one that fuels the fire…but it does pay for the fire wood.

  3. I’m at a lull between drafts of my novel, and I’ve been experiencing a similar thing. I’ve got a swords-and-sorcery storyline and characters that I’m at least three projects away from being able to work on… but they keep drifting up from my subconscious and I’ve been honing away at the world and plot bit by bit. I’m hoping that, in about ten years when I can focus on the story full-time, all this thinking and taking notes and prep-work will make the writing process a whole lot speedier than usual!

    • I’ve tried doing prep work, and I know it works for so many authors, but I have such a hard time staying focused. Once I start research, I get tunnel vision and tend to get lost in the research. To avoid that personal pitfall, I just write and research along the way.

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