Finally, Progression

I’ve been whining and complaining (same thing, I think) about how I’m never going to get this book completed.  I mean, where is the time? Between long hours at work, the most recent running 26 hrs, because I made a critical error and scheduled myself at a part-time job immediately after leaving a 21 hr shift. Not brilliant, not a finer moment, but I survived to tell about.

Then there is the matter of being home and trying to work. Did I ever mention my home was a hostile? Okay, not really, because the kids at hostiles tend to work for their stay. Not mine! Anyway, between the constant knocking on my bedroom door (and if I don’t answer, the knocking gets louder–because I don’t need sleep), the mundane questions by a certain soon-to-be exboyfriend if he doesn’t wise up, and all the craziness of social media, I mean really? When am I supposed to write?

Recently, my eyes have started to complain, and when that happens the migraines ensue, and when that happens I have to take Imitrex, and when that happens I feel like I’m going to stroke out! Argh! Scream with me readers, it really is a great release. On the count of three: 1-2-3 … ARGH!

So, last Tuesday, the day of the end of my 26 hrs at work, I marched into my house and abducted the laptop, plopped it in my backpack and scurried off to Starbucks. Unfortunately, my Starbucks is very loud and people like to squat there.  Often times, loud and obnoxious squatters. Ugh. Glad I took my earphones. So, I spent six hours writing with only one major interruption in which I attended a parent-teacher conference for almost an hour (drive time included). In those six hours I wrote 7,123 words, finished 3 1/2 chapters, and came up with a working title: More Scars than Miles.

Oh boy, oh boy, so I miss the exciting days of being able to hammer away at my computer and pop out a book in three months.  This one has taken seven months so far, and if I can get away for just three days of seclusion, I think I’ll not only be able to finish it, but also do the first round of revamping. Soooo, I’m staring at my calendar and thinking I may just take the first weekend of April off and use some of my timeshare in beautiful Palm Springs.

I’m also thinking it is time to start put out feelers for beta readers. Any takers? I’d like at least four readers for the raw version. In return, if you live in the U.S. or Canada, I will send you a signed physical copy when the book comes out.  If you are in other wonderful parts of the world, I will send you an e-book.

Tania L Ramos, Author On The Run
Be Still on Kindle Forced into a world between living and dying, one man must make amends on both sides. But, what he leaves behind is a whole other story.


5 responses to “Finally, Progression

  1. What’s is about? I probably should know this, but I’ve been lost in my own writing for the last few days and because of that, remembering real world things has kind of gotten shoved into an obscure file somewhere in the back of my mind. I will have to remember to find that and fish it out again.

    • I don’t think I have really written a lot about the topic of this book. I’ve been far too busy complaining. This one is definitely a labor of love, and after seven months it is ready to be born.
      The book is about a very damaged woman (sleeping pills popper, cutter), who suffers from a horrible disease (porpyrhia), though she grew up believing the disease was some kind of terrible STD. One day, she makes a wish into a well, asking that someday some man will say to her, “I would die without you.” All she wanted was to be loved. Then, in a twist of fate, she arrives at the hospital she works at and discovers that an abandoned baby boy can only survive if she is nearby. She adopts the baby, because frankly if she didn’t he would die, and raises him as her son.
      The story follows the ups and downs of this broken family, how the child grows into a teenager, wanting and needing his distance, and how suddenly everything in their imperfect world turns upside when he makes a wish of his own. (subjective fiction, kind of dark, very indie)

  2. i would love to read it for you! I have been reading my mom’s rough drafts and she says I have great ideas that help her in tough spots. If you have anything else you want read too, I’m totally interested. I will also post reviews as soon as it is ready for sale! You can reach me on facebook or at For digital copies I have a nook and am thinking of getting a kindle too!

  3. I would be glad to beta read for you

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