The Hazy Auburn, Purple, and Gold Mood

Ever have a melancholy kind of day? I have the blues. Seriously, can’t seem to pull out of this funk. Maybe I should kick up the beat to my iTunes music. Today, I spent my morning catching up on music, since I haven’t downloaded in nearly a year, I felt it was time to make amends with Apple Inc (long story). So i downloaded and downloaded, then sorted the downloads into files.

Why files? Well, I have one file of upbeat music for days I feel upbeat. Then there’s “punching bag” music, for days I rage against my punching bag and need some kick butt music to help me vent. Then I have slow songs, which I play when I’m writing, because they always keep me in the writing mood.

Except, today, I’m stuck in this slow music, country kick, with the occasional Bon Jovi, Green Day, Glenn Miller Band, and a little Peter Cetera tossed in there. Yep, its eclectic tragic love songs day. Not doing much for my writing though. I need my peace and quiet, which is why I tend to write at 1 am.  But when I write at 1 am, it means I get little to no sleep, which makes for bad nursing habits. And step away from a story too long and I lose focus. I swear, I’ll have to reach into the deep nether reaches of my brain to find these characters again. Bad author! Bad author, for letting it get away from me.

desert sunsetSo, back to these love songs, breaking up songs, why did my wife leave with the dog songs, and Cowboy Take Me Away songs (my favorite ones). I’ll imagine myself in a quiet place, out on some desolate prairie, the weather is mild, the sky is a hazy auburn with purples and golds, and I’m sitting in a rocking chair listening to “Somewhere With You.” Ahhh, that is bliss!


Tania L Ramos, Author in need of a time out


2 responses to “The Hazy Auburn, Purple, and Gold Mood

  1. You can beat the funk!!! I have faith 🙂 What about a long walk in the park in the sunshine? That always cheers me up.

    • Part of me feels it could be Winter blues. And I have been itching to get back into a daily exercise regimen. The other part thinks I just Need more time to write. That is my ultimate release. Thank you for the encouragement.

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