Some Aches Are Worth the Dream

Within a veil of sleep
Shunting off these years of skins
Reliving certain lives
Chasing what is unseen

Longing in this vein
Touching invisibility, diving still more
Throwing at ghosts
A whisper of bliss

Energy surges, blood warms
From absence there is strength
Taunting crude dreams
Moving to amber hues

Lifting a veil of loss
There is no solitude
In dark places, there I am
Never lost, some dreams ache

Some dreams ache
Some aches are worth the dream

It’s been a decade since I wrote poetry. This one slipped off my fingers and wrote itself. Maybe because I’ve been battling with my writing career. I don’t know, but it felt good to write it down.

Tania L Ramos, author in a poetic place


4 responses to “Some Aches Are Worth the Dream

  1. I never understood Poetry

    • I’m not sure you are supposed to really “understand” it. It’s very interpretive, and what it signifies to you may not be what I was actually writing about. Poetry invokes emotions with subtleties, so you have to ask yourself what it all means to you … Not me.

  2. To be honest, poetry confuses me. But I like yours! Very reflective.

    Oh, and I tried to Like this post, but WordPress is being finicky, so my apologies!

    • Thanks Michelle. I used to write agonizing, bleak poetry in my teens. Decades later it still feels bleak, but I was never one to write rainbows and flowers either. Wait, that’s pretty much how I write my books too. Glad your back.

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