Dilemma: Creative Writing or Marketing

This month I have a very rare, and probably my last, opportunity to get free financial aid for college.  I always figured if I went to pursue my Bachelor’s degree it would be in nursing, though that idea never made me happy.  Now with online schools, the world has opened up to more opportunities.  My eyes were wide with all the fantastic classes I could take, degrees I could pursue, and certificates I could obtain.  First of all, you should know this about me: I’m a sucker for flashy titles. My goal in life was to be Dr. Tania L Ramos, RN just so when a doctor sarcastically asks me where I got my medical degree, I could give a real answer.

Radinat, blue eyes are arrogantSo I decided instead of pursuing a higher level of education in nursing, which I like, but it’s not my passion, I would look into pursuing a degree in writing.  I figure there is still so much learn, and I love to learn. Given half the chance, and if it paid well, I would be a professional student.  So I looked into writing degrees and found a zillion of them: creative writing, writing for film & media, story line writing for gaming, writing psychology, professional & business writing, freelance media, journalism and more. My head spun around. Oh the choices!

Then I stumbled across a marketing and media degree program, and the confusion really set in. I love writing, but i’d like to sell more books. After all, I’d love it if writing were my career not my hobby.  So a degree in writing or marketing? Any thoughts? Maybe I can put my mom through marketing school? Hmmmmm

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3 responses to “Dilemma: Creative Writing or Marketing

  1. I understand your dilemma because I had to go through it this semester. What I would suggest is a degree in the professional and business writing with an emphasis in editing, copyediting, maybe even the artistic side of book publishing. I would think that it would be best to know as much as you can about the business of writing. I think a degree in marketing might stray a bit from writing, since marketing also can lean towards the technical side of writing, something that is very different from creative writing. I’m assuming you want to go down the creative writing route? I would go ahead and focus on a subject that can get you into the book publishing business.

    • Sounds very logical. I agree. The more I think about it, the more staying focused in the writing would be best. I can always do online seminars and continued to research marketing on the internet. Although , after purchasing one marketing & publicity book, I will probably never purchase anymore. So not helpful

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