I Didn’t Think I Would, But I Did

So many people kept telling me how amazing the FX television show American Horror Story was. I wasn’t convinced and managed to never watch one episode. Besides, there isn’t much quality programming on television anymore, so I gave up watching several years ago, and began delving deeper into reading … and daydreaming (an occupational hazard).

While perusing through my Netflix one day, I saw that American Horror Story was now available to watch. It took a few months before I finally succumbed to my peeked curiosity.  The first episode (pilot episode) ruined it for me, because most of it came off as more of a soft-porn program than anything else.  There were three scenes which all made me think, “What does this have to do with anything?” And though the sex through infidelity is crucial to the plot, it seemed over played and more of ploy to add in the “sex sells” element.

I didn’t watch anything beyond that for a while. The following week, I gave the second episode a go, because someone at work said it gets better.  Since I have told that to several readers about my book, I felt it was only fair to watch the next episode. Whew, only one strange sex scene. Very strange.  But I wasn’t sold, and didn’t feel compelled to go on with the series.

The same nurse asked what I thought and I gave my opinion. She said I really had to watch the entire series to really get it. I rolled my eyes and said, I’ll watch the next episode, but if it sucks, I’m out! The third episode was decidedly better, and the cheesy sex scenes were omitted.  After the third I had to watch the fourth until I was sucked into the story line.

12 episodes later I was pleasantly surprised with the story and how it unfolded. I thought to myself, “That is how stories need to be written (minus the unnecessary smut).  Draw you in, hook you, twist the plot, and make you say, ‘I never saw that coming.’ ”

Would I recommend the series? Maybe. If you like gore and a good plot then yes. If gore isn’t your thing then absolutely not. But based on the factor of how everything tied in together, how it twisted and left the viewer in suspense, how the character’s developed over the series, it might be good viewing just for reference into plot building and characterization. I give the series 3 out 5 stars, but did learn a lot on how to plan for a book with twists and turns.

American Horror Story is an FX series.

Tania L Ramos


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