Swag! Well, kind of

What is swag, you ask? Swag is an urban term used meaning you get something free. Not sure where or how it came about, but at least in So California, it is here to stay. My last two blogs were about the speaking event I did at the CA Writer’s Club, High Desert Branch this passed Saturday. I had a blast and loved speaking.

Daniel (Blackbird LSD), my publicist and great friend, recorded the entire event. After a few hours of filtering out static and cutting the breaks out of it, he put the entire one hour event on Sound Cloud where others can listen to it free. I listened to it that night and only have these things to say about it:

  1. Pretty awesome
  2. Great, clear, and clean cuts
  3. Is that really what I sound like?

The topics covered are from the first four chapters of the manual, Surviving the Writing Apocalypse: Content Help for New Authors. What I quickly learned after speaking to several of the members is that they all learned something.  I was told to change the subtitle to Content Help for All Authors. Guess I just assumed it was the new or inexperienced authors who were looking for help. There was also one woman who does editing for grammar, who said she wanted the book so she could also edit for some content. What a novel idea (no pun intended).

Throughout the day, I received several notifications via Facebook and Twitter, commenting on how much they enjoyed the event and learned from it. The smile on my face was probably the biggest since I held the very first copy of my very first novel.  Later that night, I received a phone call from one of our more prominent members giving me so much praise, I had no idea what to do with. Ever been in that position? You want to lap it up, at the same time it feels awkward because it’s so much?

This member asked me to come out and guest speak at the federal prison program. This is a great program our chapter participates in, where they go out to the federal prison and hold writer’s workshops with interested inmates. Several big name speakers have been out there, and so I was stoked to be invited. Then I was invited to speak to a youth group that was still in the “in the works” phase.  This is great.

So where does the swag come in? First of all, I am posting the link so you can listen to the speaking event free.  I asked around, it does count as swag.  Second of all, I am offering the Kindle or Nook version of the manual Surviving the Writing Apocalypse to the first ten people to respond to me for free! And that is swag. Anybody after the first ten can get it from me for $3.00, which is a savings of $1.20 (you will need PayPal).

How do you cash in on these wonderful offers?

  1. Follow the link to hear the event 
  2. Email me at author@tanialramos with the title “free copy of SWA”, a  code direct from either Amazon or B&N will be sent to you until 10 have been sent (be sure to say which version you want)
  3. Leave a message here with your email address and I will send you the code.
  4. If you are numbers 11 or more, I will notify you and give you the option to purchase it at the discounted rate from me.
Surviving the Writing Apocalypse 12/21/12-ish

Surviving the Writing Apocalypse 12/21/12-ish

Surviving the Writing Apocalypse is currently only available on ereaders until late Spring.  E-copies are being given away as part of a sublimely happy promotion and to share all this information with you. These are not in trade for reviews, though you are more than welcome to leave one if so inclined. Thank you all. This promotion will end on Friday, or when 30 books have been distributed, whichever comes first. 


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