My First Speaking Event

Reviewing my notes

Reviewing my notes to speak at HDCWC

Do I look worried? I tried not to be, but I must admit while waiting for the meeting to start, I was fidgeting and accidentally colored my jeans in blue ink because I thought the pen was closed. My publicist found it hilarious.  Note to self: refrain from fidgeting.  Then I drank green tea before speaking and it was semi-bitter, so I started with cotton mouth.  Note to self: drink water not green tea.  And I quickly realized, at my first large speaking event, that by the time this was over my notes to self would encompass an entire sticky note pad.

Once things got started it went well.  I had to really try and speak loud. I am not one with a booming voice, in fact, even when I yell my voice doesn’t carry far.  Note to self: try and be louder.  First I did a review of point of view (POV), and some admitted they weren’t sure what that was.  Then I went into author intrusion with examples, followed by head-hopping with examples. We took a break and some guests/members came to my table and bought books, asked for advice, or just came to chat. 

While I was at the table, Daniel (Blackbird LSD & my publicist) was inundated with people talking to him.  Yeah, people love him and he does a great job of finding ways to mention my book title or websites.

After the break, I moved into talking about Collaborative Thinking followed by Foresight.  And in the end, I received a wonderful round of applause, was asked if the writer’s club could post a link to my PowerPoint, and received a book submission for review onto our website.


Daniel recorded the presentation and will try and make a podcast out of it, but that’s on him. Boy oh boy, I don’t need to dip my hands into pod casting.

At the end of the day I can say I felt very comfortable about the material and enjoyed speaking.  I look forward to more events or trying an online webinar.  New authors, and even the seasoned ones, said they learned so much from the event, which leads me to this: There is always more to learn.

I had a wonderful time and would like to thank the California Writer’s Club, High Desert Branch (not only am I speaker, but I’m also a member) for having me.



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One response to “My First Speaking Event

  1. Well done! Sounds like you enjoyed the event and helped people understand more about their writing. Success indeed. 🙂

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