Why Brainstorming Can Cause Harm

I’ve said it before, some of my best moments are brainstorming with my son.  Actually, for us it is more like casual conversation gone strangely awry.  And if we do it right, it can go on for hours.

This particular topic started as assassination versus murder:

Dasan: No mom, it is according to relevance of importance.

Me: So you have to be pretty impressive and up there to be considered assassinated?

Dasan: exactly.  But if you are nobody of importance then it is murder.

Me: So if someone killedYOU it is murder, buuuut, if someone killed ME it would be an assassination?

Dasan: Yes. (thinks) Are you threatening me?

Me: No.  But if I wanted to do it I think I could get away with it.

Dasan: Nobody gets away with it. What makes you so special.

Me: I write for a living kiddo, people get lost in my lies … er um, stories. People believe my lies … stories.

Dasan: I don’t buy it.

ncisMe: Okay, consider this: I have watched every episode of CSI, NCIS, Law and Order, and Miami Vice-

Dasan: Miami what?

Me: Shhhhh, just listen.  I have seen how all those people get caught. I can do better. I can get away with it.

Dasan: Okay, explain.

alien-abduction-mainMe: I’ve also seen X-Files and both movies, not only can I get away with it, but I can make it look like an alien abduction.

Dasan: You have issues.

Me: Are you afraid?

Dasan: Just a little, but keep in mind that as a gamer, I am a master assassin.

Me: If I was in a game I might be intimidated.

Dasan: If I was in your brain, I’d be afraid.

Me: If you were in my book, you would be dead.

Dasan: I’m not even sure where to go with that.

Me: I win.

Dasan: Same time tomorrow?


And so goes another perfectly normal conversation with my oldest son.  Watch out world, he wants to join the Air Force.  But these little conversations I cherish so much give me so much for my books.  Embrace your little moments and count every conversation as a win.  How do you brainstorm?



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4 responses to “Why Brainstorming Can Cause Harm

  1. I had to laugh. I’m sure I’ve had the same conversation with one or more of my sons. You should also be watching Bones.

  2. Hahahaha you know, I would have to give the edge to you in that exchange. Unless your son starts writing books, in which case you should probably watch your back 😀

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