Have You Met: Blackbird LSD

I have been posting blogs about people I have met during my two years in publishing.  First I introduced you to Michelle Proulx, author, then Blue Harvest Creative, graphic designers, and now I introduce you to Blackbird LSD, freelance publicist and social media promoter

How did I meet Daniel at Blackbird LSD? Easy, he’s my best friend, and when I said I needed a publicist, marketer, and someone to run some of my social media when I’m at work, he stepped up to the plate.  This is why we connect so well.  I tell him I have a need, he fills the need.

So what does Blackbird LSD, currently comprised of two members, do? Well, Patty is the senior editor, and you know she’s good when she won’t give you back your manuscript because she doesn’t want to miss anything, but she doesn’t miss much.  She’s also a psychiatrist, so you’ve got a person to cry to when your manuscript is covered in red ink.

Then there is Daniel, who does some editing, but concentrates on the publicity and social media aspects.  There are many authors out there who pay out way too much money to have someone create a website and set up and manage their social media accounts.  Well, this is what Blackbird LSD does, but they do pride themselves on their reputation, so they do amazing work and at freelance prices.  And yes, in this day and age, there are so many authors who don’t want a hand in managing social media because it takes so much time.  Daniel handles all this and more.

blackbirdBlackbird LSD are also the co-administrators for the Writing Apocalaypse website.  They have a huge say in what makes it to the website and what doesn’t.

So, if you are an author who needs someone to handle their social media, create a webpage, represent them at a So. Cal book event, or do editing, I would highly recommend them.  Not only because one of the members is my friend, but because they deliver results.  Trust me, I have no qualms with firing a friend, and he has no issues with telling me some of my ideas are not very smart.  It is a great relationship and one I trust.

Please visit their current website, as they have a new one in the works but not up yet at BlackbirdLSD.com or their facebook page at Facebook.com/blackbirdlsd and tell him Tania sent you–then maybe i’ll get better prices 🙂

Tania L Ramos



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