The Small Press

I was having a discussion with my publicist today, who also happens to be my best-friend, so we talk a lot.  We also argue a lot.  Or is it having a heated debate? Sometimes, we talk just to argue and prove our points and agree to disagree over Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy ice cream. The topic of discussion today was publishing, and how I would go about it with my next book.

libraryI stated how unimpressed I was with the royalties I receive from Iuniverse.  Don’t get me wrong, they are exactly what I expected them to be, but it would be nice to see a bit more profit, considering how much is spent on a package.  Now, I do love that they do all the footwork and my book is available on every e-reader and in print form in soft and hardcover.  That is a big plus.  This leaves me time to write more.

He asked about small presses, as we thought of creating our own, but I have hit so many walls in trying to figure out where to even begin. I wasn’t really looking to start a small press for outside business, just one to set-up for my books, “TLR Press,” or something more spectacular.  But it seems like so much work on my end, so I looked into small press publishers, which seem to be so abundant in this day and age.

I spoke with two authors who went through small publishing presses and had two very different opinions. One stated she lost all rights to her book and the press had so many restrictions on what she could and couldn’t do, and the royalties were just  pennies more than what I was getting.  The second author loved the small press, but also stated she was only making a marginal increase in profit than I was.  They both clearly stated they were still in charge of all marketing, advertising, and publicity on their own ends.

I’m sure this book of mine will be done by end of February or early March.  The thoughts of which route to go are starting to edge their way into my head and this time I am at a loss. I can’t afford the assisted publishing route again, but will hold off on publishing to buy a package if this turns out to be the best avenue for me.

My question today is this: Total self-publishing, assisted publishing, or small press? If you have any links to blogs or articles please post them here. Or, if you have insights of your own, or stories to tell, let me know in the comments.

Tania L Ramos

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