Speaking in Public

Next month I am speaking at the High Desert Chapter of the California Writer’s Club in Apple Valley, CA. I’m very excited and hope this may well be the start to many other speaking events.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but almost as much as my love for writing is my passion to help others do what I love to do, which is why I wrote Surviving the Writing Apocalypse.

Seriously, why reinvent the wheel. I did all the research so others can find it in one easy book without spending days they could have been writing, researching. Last year, when our group was getting ready for their writing conference, I suggested a speaker to talk about the three biggest mistakes authors make: Head-hopping, author intrusion, and foresight (all under the umbrella of author intrusion).  I was asked if I would like to be a speaker on the topic at one of our meetings.

I jumped at the idea. I love speaking, sort of. I mean, I get the same typical stage paranoia as most, but after a minute, I tend to push passed it.  So Feb 9, 2013 I will speak about the top 3 errors new authors make in the content of their books, and if we have time I will jump into point of view or scene breaks. I am very excited about this and hope it is widely received.

My publicist is working on getting me in as a guest speaker within our local schools to talk to high school students who are interested in writing.  And, I am looking into being able to set up a local writing clinic, or one day seminar, in my area or down in the larger community.  My goal: Speak in every state, maybe Hawaii two or three times 😉 , Canada, and the U.K. (during the warm season, if there is one).

For now, I’m available in California, Arizona, and Nevada on a whim for end of February and March, and any place else with advance notice. contact editor@blackbirdlsd.com for more info


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2 responses to “Speaking in Public

  1. Sounds great. keep NYC in mind.

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